Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2014
Past Event
Garage Tour
Saturday July 12, 2014

A light drizzle started the Garage Tour, but it was dry on the drive to first stop Francen & Son in Algonquin. Good turn out with 10 MGs and a couple of other vehicles. Francen & Son used to be a MG dealership, some of the MGs on the tour were originally bought at Francen & Son. Kevin has been working on foreign vehicles for decades. He has a lot of experiences and can do most jobs, except bodywork.

Second stop was Restorations Unlimited II in Cary. RU2 restores cars to Concours condition. There was a stripped down Mini ready for rebuild, Dodge Charger and other vehicles in various stages of restoration.

Third stop was a cross-country drive to Vintage Sports Cars in Woodstock. Yves Boode showed us around the first unit, then went from unit to unit showing more and more vehicles. Second unit has a Renault 5 Turbo, mid-engine hatchback similar to Renault rally car in Europe. Across the car park was another unit with Austin, Citroen 2CV and Lotus racing car that is nearly 100% original. 2CV is a “two tax horsepower” front engine, front wheel drive air-cooled car, with  canvas roll-back sunroof and removable chairs.

Back across the car park to the first unit owned by the landlord. This contained MGA, MGB GT, MG TF and VW Beetle. There was also green German (‘Thing’) military style jeep. Sandy Wydra provided delicious homemade cookies.

  Last stop was for lunch at Red Tavern in Wood stock. Great time and got to see some unusual vehicles.

~~ James Brennan

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