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Just a few more driving events are all that is left of the 2015 driving season of the MG Clubs of Chicago. Two rallies, the Fall Tune Down, and the Cruise to the Rock. That’s it, if you miss these it will be April next year before you can take your MG out to a club sponsored driving activity. Of course many of us are able to drive their MG on a couple of MG-friendly-weather days throughout the winter months. But your MG feels better in the company of other MGs and these final four events offer that opportunity. 

Rich Meservey and Sundy Mead are first time rally masters of the Lucas Memorial King of the Road Rally. Note that they swapped out the “Night” part from the name of the rally in favor of “King of the Road” and I can guarantee you that you’ll love it. The rally is on a Sunday afternoon and includes amazingly nice MG driving roads. I’ve seen the route and if you are like me, you’ll be surprised that you never knew about the hilly curves so close by. Even if the word rally is a little uncomfortable for you, the beautiful course will offer more than enough to enjoy. 

The next rally is the Halloween Rally. We started the last couple of editions from our house in Prospect Heights. But because Phil and Sandy Wydra are involved as co-rally masters the starting location and rally area have moved to Fox River Grove. They’re using (almost) the same starting location as the Lucas Memorial King of the Road Rally, but everything else is different; the routes, the times, the challenges, the finish location, and the date (as it is three weeks after the Lucas). We’ll recreate the spirit of the famous European road rallies of the 50s and 60s, with some MG, rally, or general car related challenges and target times for each section. As with the last couple of Halloween Rally editions, we’ll have several helpers including Nea, our MG friend from the Netherlands, to staff the special stages. (Nea didn’t plan her trip until the date for the Halloween Rally was firmly set) Phil, Sandy, Henneke, Nea, and all helpers hope that you’ll be able to join us, even though it is late in the season. It is the last chance to really take your MG out in a club sponsored organized group driving event. And the weather? Who knows, it may be just at or just passed the fall colors, sunny or overcast, dry or wet, nice or brisk, but your MG doesn’t care. It’ll do just fine in any kind of Halloween weather.

The standings for Moss Motors Trophy (overall championship) after 20 events have not changed very much. Rich Meservey and Sundy Mead are in first with 33.5 points; Jim Compton and Bob Dorley are second with 26 points, while the tie for third is now Ric & Nancy Maitzen and Bill Kalafut & Jean Heasley. For the Victoria British Trophy (for competition in rallies and autocross) Jim and Bob lead Rich and Sundy (22 and 18 points resp.) While James Brennan and Jane Kasper are still in third with 12 points. There are eight more points available for the remaining four events (two times


3 points for the two rallies and two times 1 point for the tune down and the Rock). And for placing first, second, or third in the two rallies there are 3, 2, or 1 extra points to be earned. That is a total of 14 points for the team that participates in all four events and wins both rallies. A lot can still change, and several teams; Gorr, Lee, L’Heureux, Wydra, Perez, Schafer, Cole, and Hansen could still drive themselves in the Top 3 for each of the trophies. Do you want to give it try or just see how it ends? Come out and join the events, you’ll be able to witness the finale of the 2015 driving season firsthand!

Just a few more things that I would like to bring to your attention. On October 17th, Jim Vondran is looking for help with the Car Care Safety Clinic for Seniors. This time the event is in a different location, the Lisle-Woodridge Fire Station 51, 1005 School St., Lisle IL instead of the Lisle Public Works building It usually runs from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. It is a cool location and a great opportunity to help the senior citizens in that area with some basic car safety. Please Call Jim at (630) 234-7102 for details.

I am also planning the Oil Change Day for the homeless clients of the Journeys, the Road Home program. We’ll do the scheduling differently this year, but location and everything else will be the same at Dave’s Autoclinic in Prospect Heights. Keep the tentative date, November 21st, available if you would like to volunteer.

I welcome your comments and suggestions for (future) driving events. As always, you can reach me at 847 342 9804.

"The more you drive, the more you smile".

-- Reinout Vogt

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