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The Abingdon Trials

September 24th-25th

A Double Twelve Endurance Rally on the wide open roads of the Midwest. In the early Twenties, when MGs were first made, English car makers competed in Endurance Trials to prove the mettle of their metal. Kimber himself drove Old Number One in such events. The Abingdon Trials pays homage to those pioneers of the automotive age.

The Trials will start in Abingdon, Illinois which was named for Abingdon, England, the ancestral home of the MG Car Company. Over two days, we will have two loops of approximately 500 miles each over the wide open roads of Western Illinois and the upper Midwest. The overnight between will be at Jumer's in Galesburg. There will be awards for each day's run as well as an overall winner. Join us for one day if you can't run both. The rally will have check-points but you set your own route. Shortest distance driven covering all the checkpoints wins! And plan to stay on for Abingdon '98 - The MG Weekend.

Call or write Bill Hedrick for rules and further info:

4617 Main Street
Downers Grove, IL 60515
(630) 960-0944

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