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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes
November 21, 2005

There were 37 members present including one member Victor L'Heureux from Cary, ILL. Victor does not have an MG (was he bragging or complaining?). There were three guests as well: Glenn and Donna Skrzypek who are owners of a 59 MGA (Barney was seen chomping at the bit) and John Maerz with a 77B.
Car Projects included: Seth Jones' Midget (low tension lead and air p ump belt) Mike Hirsch, who will be stripping the paint of his MGB in preparation for some body repair. Dave Peterson who is installing new rear springs on his 74 BGT. John Schroeder who will be re-upholstering the seats and dropping the fuel tank on his 67 B. and Don Anderson's MGB had a problem with the coil, and thanked Barney who helped trouble shoot the problem.

Past Events

Doug Clark Wade Keen said that six cars ran the season's final autocross on 10/23.
Dean Swanson gave a brief recap of the 10/30 Halloween rally. The rally took place in Downer's Grave, Lemont and Naper's Ville. It concluded in Naper's Ville at an Irish Pub. The weather was great and the color on the trees was good. John and Bob said that many cars honked at them (leading them to think that they were really handsome) but others on the rally said it was because of the Dr. Seuss and the 70's disco hats they wore. 13 cars participated.
Cowboy Bralich gave a short report on the 11/30 tune down clinic, which took place at United Motorsports in Naper's Ville. Dave stated that 20 cars showed up and both lifts were in use for five hours.

Upcoming Events

Ann Snyder reminded everyone of the TnxGiving Day 'cruise to the rock' in Jackson Park Chicago. She said she would get in touch with her contact at the Chic. Police Dept. to remind them some MGs will be there. We'll meet at 9am on the Midway Pleasance before proceeding to Bridgeport for brunch. Ann mentioned the reason for the Club's doing this was to commemorate the first US auto race on Thanksgiving in 1895. Ann urged those who plan on participating to check the club's web site for possible updates.
The Club's 2005 holiday party will be on 12/3. David L Ransom Jr. read the menu and all members salivated in response. The bar will be a cash bar (rather than barter) and the deadline for making a reservation is 11/25.
No general meeting will be held in December. There will be a board meeting on 12/5 and natter and noggin will also be held.
Jake Snyder announced that the annual Amtrak road trip will take place from 1/13 to 1/15. The destination will be Dearborn Michigan for the Detroit Auto Show. They will be staying in a hotel which features automobile décor.
Jim Evans reminded everyone of the tenth annual All British Swap Meet to be held on 2/26. Reservation forms have been sent to the vendors with some conformations already. Volunteers from the Club will be needed on 2/25 and on 2/26. Don Anderson suggested that attending vendors receive something special since it's the tenth year. Jim Michel suggested that the names and addresses of the vendors be distributed. Jim Evans explained how the swap meet is promoted and said that the vendors like to attend this event and even travel hundreds of miles.
Dave Lieb mentioned that in May of 2006 a NYC to New Orleans rally, by arrival time, going NS (no socks) (no not commando) will be run with the maximum purchase price of a participating MG at no more than $250.
John S gave a reminder of the June all MG register convention in Tenn. Six cars are already registered. To register you must do so on line. There is a link to do this on the web site. The Rockford club will have representation there.
(Members are urged to check the Club web site for further details and/or updates to any upcoming CMGC or LNC related events.)

Other Business

The following names are on the ballot as the 2006 officers. Co Chairman: Russ Mehaffey and John Schroeder. Treasurer Jim Evans. Secretary Doug Clark (as he reversed his decision of last month not to accept the nomination). The ballots will be sent with the December Driveline and should be returned to Kim Tonry who has agreed to tally them.
A reminder was given that articles for the Driveline are to be sent to Bob Simon.

Staff Reports

Jim Evans gave the Treasurer's report. For the 7/1 to 9/30 quarter, the Club's checking account had $4,055 in it after income of $4785 and expenses of $3,063.(Note: this did not include the Abingdon Weekend and the previous balance was $4,333. The savings account has a balance of about $10,000.
No report for Tools was made.
Dave Lieb, the librarian reported two new additions. Mr. MG, courtesy of Barney (aka Mr. MGA), and The Standard Guide to British Sports Cars.
David L. Ransom Jr. said that the sample bar badges are on order. (Does he mean as in "pub"?)
Our technical sessions coordinator, Cowboy Bralich is open to ideas for tech sessions to be hosted in heated garages during the winter months.
Wade stated that a Driving Events Coordinator is needed for 2006. After the break the winners of the 50/50 raffle were announced. None other than Jim Michel (second month in a row) $30. Tom Dyer got a Dutch MG shirt. Victor L'Heureux got a Viper Model.
Dave Mullis prepared a PowerPoint presentation on the 50th Anniv. Party for the Holland MG Club which was attended by CMGC members this supper. It featured a 500 car caravan which was a world record. Registration was $250 USD. Those who attended from the Club drove different MGs. (Think about it how could they drive the same one???) The Club appreciated this presentation. With that the meeting adjourned at 9.20pm.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

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