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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
MGA 100,000 - A Part of History

For those of you who often feel that our 90 horsepower Sportscars donít get the respect we deserve among the classic car crowd due to preference for big block V-8ís or tail fins, think again, our day has come! Finally, our mark has taken its place among some of the greatest classic cars of history. Just over the boarder in Indiana, nestled among high worth autos such as a Woody Wagon, A 300SL Mercedes and a Ferrari from the Pan American Rally sits a 1962 MGA 1600 MKII. This MGA sits among pedigree Classics at The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana.
MGA 100,000
Before I go further, I need to clarify that this is not just any MGA, but MGA number 100,000, which not only marks a milestone for MG, but is the first sportscar to sell 100,000 units.
After reading about this MGA in the NAMGAR publication, I felt the need to make a pilgrimage to see this unique MGA that not only made automotive history, but has a very interesting story to go along with it.
**In 1962, Russell Skomp, saw this beautiful MGA in the showroom of a car dealer in Nashville, TN. This car was unique in that it was painted metallic gold with white leather seats and white lambís wool carpet. There were three insignias on the car and a British style plate on the front all designating this vehicle as 100,000. Russell fell in love with the car and signed a purchase agreement to buy it, but was only able to do so after some legal wrangling as the car was to be for display only and not for sale. Russell drove the car for a short time, until a mechanical problem sidelined the car in 1965 or 1966. It is believed that he did not know that the car had been shown at the 1962 New York Motor show and did not realize the significance of the car in history. When the car broke down it was parked uncovered, the car deteriorated badly.
When Russell passed away in 2000, his daughter gave the remains of the car to Russellís brother, Fred. Fred wanted to restore the car as a family heirloom. The interior of the car was totally destroyed. Fortunately, all serial numbers remained legible as well as some of the ď100,000Ē insignias and the front plate. The car was restored over a period of two years with all gauges and serial number plates having been restored and not replaced. The car has just over 8,000 original miles on its odometer.
The car is on loan to the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum through the courtesy of Fred and Cindy Skomp of Key West Florida.

It is great to know that after years of neglect, this car was discovered, restored and recognized for the role that it has played in automotive history. Yes, for MG enthusiasts, we can now say that our beloved marque has taken a well deserved place among the best of the automotive classics.
**The italicized write-up is courtesy of the Auburn- Cord- Duesenberg Museum. The museum site is
Barney Gaylord also has a detailed article on his website that shows before and after pictures of the restoration:

- Scott Davis

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