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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes - January
Monday, January 21, 2008

Victor_L'Heureux Attendance: 35 members

Jim Evans opened the meeting with recognition of members who braved the elements tonight (and for the month of January) and drove their cars. MG Bucks were given to the two members arriving tonight via their MG’s and three members that have driven their cars in January.

Club Election Results - Final election tally results were presented by Dave Bralich. The results are posted on the website. Winners were: Co-chairman = Jim Evans-85, Dean Swanson-66; Secretary = Victor L’Heureux-92; Treasurer = Reinout Vogt-92. New staff was recognized by Co-Chairman Jim Evans.

Current car projects - Ongoing projects and car problems were:
Seth Jones indicated he had experienced two flat tires in a short period of time.
Jake Snyder described a method of using compression fittings for break lines that he has used. Unique double-flair compression fitting s are used.
Russ Mehaffey indicated that he will need the club’s engine hoist to work on the MGA rear engine seal.
John Schroeder expressed relief that his 5-speed conversion is now complete. He is awaiting the return of his speedometer and tachometer from the east coast calibration lab to be ‘road-ready’.

Upcoming events – It may be cold and snowy outside, there are still many events planned for the coming year. Below are some of the near events;
1/25-27 – Amtrak trip to Detroit;
2/24 – 12th Annual British Car Swap Meet. More info provided in Driveline and on the website.

Project Car – Work is essentially finished on the project car and purchase bids are being accepted from club members. Minor trim and touch-up will be performed prior to transferring ownership to the successful bidder. Opening bid is $4,500. The biding will be open to the general public at the end of February if needed. Car may be shown at the British Car Swap Meet, if necessary and weather permitting.

Staff Reports – Bill Mennell (Librarian) noted there are new Illinois Vehicle Code laws now in effect. The CMGC staff noted that these new laws do not affect our club events.
Seth Jones (Driving Events) announced there will be a Driving Events meeting scheduled for 6:00 pm February 17th at Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant. Anyone interested in hosting a driving event, or assisting someone else to do so, should attend this meeting.
Dave Bralich (Tech Coordinator) announced there will be mini tech sessions presented during the CMGC monthly meetings – such as ‘simple clutch repair, kingpin work, etc. At this time a location has not yet been finalized for our Spring Tune-up; more information to follow.

Tech session – Dave Bralich demonstrated the assembly/assembly of a rocker arm assembly – including tricks-of-the-trade and what to watch for.

A 50-50 raffle drawing was held. Bill Reece is $18 richer and Ray Hansen was awarded a 1972 MGB Driver’s Manual.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm

Respectfully Submitted, - Victor L’Heureux

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