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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Left hand drive The Steering Column
from our President

Jim Evans
Left Hand Drive

I recently came across an old club trophy while cleaning in my attic. The trophy is dated “November 7, 1993” and is labeled as “Chicagoland MGB Club Halloween Rallye”.

It is a standard car club trophy of the type that you have probably seen many times over the years: about a foot high, small square base with a column surmounted by wings (or are they flames?) embracing a three spoke steering wheel. Not an expensive item, at all.

In all honesty I can’t remember the circumstances of this rally, or the route, or the type of challenge that it posed: these factors are not revealed in the basic trophy itself. What is revealed, though, is some indication of the enthusiasm and spirit of the rally organizers and participants. In addition to the basic generic trophy, this trophy is further ornamented by some “Halloween” motif items: a small plastic jack o’ lantern and a small plastic skull glued to the base, and a string of small plastic spiders arranged to climb up the column of the trophy from the base to the steering wheel. Imagine that! Instead of just taking an off-the-shelf unit, someone took the time to travel to a Halloween store, seek out these little items, and then creatively craft them into the overall trophy. A club member who bears witness to Franklin’s (?) dictum that: “a job worth doing is worth doing well”. I have to wonder: would I have kept this so long if it were only that off-the-shelf type trophy without the custom touch?

Our club has prospered for many years because of the level of enthusiasm and commitment offered by our members in many areas. This month, several will receive club awards based on their contribution to club programs and goals last year and in the past. This year, there will be additional opportunities for all members to contribute in their own right, should they so choose. We will be scheduling rally’s, autocrosses, driving trips, tech sessions and more. And – who knows? –a new activity may be forthcoming based on the suggestion of a newer member who has the same type of enthusiasm and spirit shown by my trophy maker.

Could it be you?
Safety Fast, - Jim Evans

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