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CMGC Awards 1999
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CMGC Driving Awards 1999
Driver of the Year Navigator of the Year Autocross
1st Place 1999 1st Place 1999 1st Place 1999
Scott Anderson Victoria Palmer Jack McIlvan
Driver of the Year Navigator of the Year Autocross
2nd Place 1999 2nd Place 1999 2nd Place 1999
Kelvin Palmer Diane Tonry Maynard Hirsch
Driver of the Year Navigator of the Year Autocross
3rd Place 1999 3rd Place 1999 3rd Place 1999
Kim Tonry Don Anderson Dave Benni
Overall T-Type Result Overall MGA Result Midget Trophy
1st Place 1st Place 1st Place
Curt Bork Parker Whiteway Jeff Tucker
Consolation Prize Booby Prize Helper of the Year
Ralph & Susan Arata Larry Daniels &
Mary Hanson
 Bob Krueger

CMGC Club Awards 1999

Safety Fast Maintain the Breed Keeping it on the Road
Don Anderson Curt Bork Calvin Barnes
New Member Cream Crackers Ambassador at Large 
Steve Hill Bill & Deb Mennell Oscar Gonzales
Special Appreciation Humanitarian MG-Next Generation 
Kelvin Palmer Tom Josefek Parker Whiteway
Running it off the Road
Dave (Cowboy) Bralich
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