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The Rally Corner

  By Mike Olsen
In this Rally Corner I am explaining the autocross class rules. The factors to turning in the best racing times listed in order of importance are:

1. The driver's racing skills
2. The type and condition of the tires
3. The suspension's condition and suspension upgrades
4. Engine condition and improvements.

Autocross classes are as follows.

    Stock classes:
1. Chrome Bumper MGB's and MGC's       2. Rubber Bumper MGB's
3. Midgets and MGA's   4. T types

The following are stock class rules:

    Stock size rims must be used.
    Tires must have a mileage rating of 140 or higher (this rating is located on tire side wall).
    Rubber Bumper B's need a single carb (SU, downdraft weber, or Zenith-Stromberg) or They will be placed in the Chrome Bumper class.
    OEM or Weber downdraft carbs are allowed in all other classes.
    1/4 inch wheel spacers may be used (Listed in J.C.Whitney).
    Front anti-sway bars up to 3/4 inch may be used.
    Electronic ignition may be used.
    Any air cleaner or velocity stack is allowed.
    Any type of suspension bushings is allowed.
    Any street legal exhaust as long as the stock exhaust manifold is used.

If it is not mentioned here It probably will not be allowed, but you can ask.

The next class is for Prepared Cars.

1. C's, B's, A's       2. T's and Midgets

Any street legal MG with D.O.T. approved tires. This means Yokohama's 032, 008, Kumos V700, Goodyear R1's autocrossers are allowed.

    Modified Class:
The last class is for experienced racing drivers. Any modification to the MG's is allowed (V8's, superchargers, etc.). If you have raced for one year or more in autocross or road racing with SCCA or any other racing body this is where you will be placed.

The event coordinator may change a driver's classification. A driver may ask for a variance from an event coordinator or the club Rally Master.

These are the current classifications and rules.

Mike Olsen

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