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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Left hand drive The Steering Column

Right Hand Drive
from your Vice President

Wade Keene I have not been struck by a muse of any sort this month, so no stories of MG racing, no especially thought provoking column (not that I want anybody thinking), and no column of any real length. We just had out first autocross of the year and all the guests commented on how much they enjoyed the low-key, all about-the-fun autocross we put on. We don’t get bogged down in details of who should be in which class, or anything else like that. We just go out and toss the cars around and just have a great time. MG being the “Marque of Friendship”, our rallies and autocrosses are open to all the British clubs. It’s nice to meet new people and fun to see some different cars going through the cones or the countryside, and we’re all folks that like funny li’l furrin cars. Members, also please remember that you don’t have to be behind the wheel of an MG to attend one of our events. You can have fun on a rally in an SUV just as well as in an MG, so if your MG is mid-project, don’t let that stop you from using your membership for more than a newsletter subscription. Autocrossing is more fun in an MG, I’d have to say, but we had a gentleman run the course in an Audi 4-dr today - he had fun and we were glad to have him. If you have a car that you feel comfortable with autocrossing, then come on out. You are required to like MGs, but if yours isn’t driveable for some reason, you are not banned from enjoying driving events - you’re still a member!

Finally, I just want to extend the club’s and my condolences to Ray Glorioso’s family and all his friends in the CMGC. It’s hard to come up with adequate words when cancer has taken somebody too early, but as noted elsewhere, Ray was a real asset to the club. He helped our tool program, helped the shows at past Abingdon weekends, and gave in other ways, elected and otherwise. He will be missed.

Safety Fast,

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