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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Secrets of Joe Daviess Tour

Come join us for the inaugural run of the Secrets of Jo-Daviess County Tour on August 19, 2006. It's a two day weekend event with lots of options to suit your wants and schedule. All of you have heard of Galena and most have visited there to enjoy the shopping, the old homes and the scenic area. But, many who visit there miss the MG- friendly driving along the spider web of rural roads that cover the county. They are hilly, curvy, paved and bordered with woods, rustic farms and long vistas. Here's your chance to enjoy the area as never before.

The basic plan is a one or two day event - your choice. We'll launch at 10am on Saturday from the town of Stockton on US Route 20. Your tour guide will lead the group along a pre-determined route through the county with stops at Savanna on the bank of the Mississippi river, the Mississippi Palisades State Park with beautiful vistas of the river from the limestone bluffs that define the park, Galena for shopping and lunch, a pass through Council Hill Station (betchya haven't heard of that one!) that will make you wonder if we've detoured through Kentucky then wind our way back to Stockton. Then we'll have dinner at a rustic country restaurant. Overnight accommodations are available at the new Country Inn and Suites Hotel with a secure and patrolled parking lot. The second day, Sunday, offers a number of options. The area has several good golf courses. Or you can tour again on your own with a detailed map to visit a restored pioneer fort at Elizabeth, tour and buy at a country winery at Massbach, return to Galena or just wander the countryside some more. All the road intersections are sign-marked like the big city and with a map you can't get lost. If a number of members cannot attend on Saturday your host would be pleased to repeat the guided tour on Sunday.

Mark your calendar! If you respond with intentions to attend we'll provide you with more details and information on the block rate at the hotel. Dan Herman Lake Carroll, Illinois

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