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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
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From your Co-chairmen
Russ Mehaffey
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Right Hand Drive

I can say "No". Recently I took part in a vote recount for a school referendum. The precinct assigned to me had cast 456 votes. Part of the procedure was a hand count, so I called out the vote as a partner tallied them. After one hour, and saying "No" 306 times, we had completed the first portion. I'm sure no one can match that number of no's-per-minute, regardless of the how many kids you've raised!
I came away from that experience with a very negative attitude. But I remember other times when I've been accused of not being able to say "No". Like the time I signed my son up for soccer and was asked to help as a referee, or to be a Cub Scout Den leader, or when John and Wade recruited me write last year's Spring Rally, or most recently as a nominee for CMGC's vice president (or is that Co-Chair?). Okay, I said yes to all those except the last one; at least I didn't decline it!
Obviously all of our members have never said "No" to owning an MG. Maybe it's more appropriately stated that we said "Yes, I would love the opportunity to continually abuse myself by wrangling with an LBC." Well, I've continued wrangling with my car for the last few weeks and it seems it has a mystery disease that needs to be cured before the Spring Tour on April 30. By the time you receive this, the diagnosis will be known or the fairy has sprinkled enough magic dust to heal it! Stay tuned (literally).
At the last couple club meetings it was announced that our participation in the British Car Union needs some new volunteers. I would ask that you please consider helping this group with a very nominal time commitment ...don't say "No" but ask Dave Bralich for details.
I encourage anyone with an idea for the Club to approach us and take ownership of it and see it through the end. As long as it's legal I'm sure you'll receive a "Yes, go do it" response! Hopefully more members will be saying "Yes" to events already on the calendar. We've listed them and talked about them - check it out and be there!
We are developing a Club project car and should be underway with it in May. This will be a great chance for detailed technical sessions and many chances to say "Yes"! There will be tremendous opportunities for members of CMGC in technical/educational areas. Again, stay tuned.
Drive safe - see you on the road!

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