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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
JUN 3Differential swap - MGA
9-10Lands End Rally
12Family Cart Night, Jus Fun
Natter 'n' noggin
18Monthly Club Meeting
24Funkhana-Autocross, Naperville
JUL10Natter 'n' noggin
15Mid-Summer Rally
16Monthly Club Meeting
20-22Road America Camping Trip
AUG2-3Abingdon Trials Endurance Rally
2-5Abingdon Summer Party
 4Abingdon Gymkhana
14Natter 'n' noggin
20Monthly Club Meeting
SEP 2Siemens Autocross
11Natter 'n' Noggin
15Lucas Night Rally
17Monthly Club Meeting
OCT 9Natter 'n' Noggin
15Monthly Club Meeting, Silver Aniversary Party
28Halloween Rally
NOV11Fall Tune Down Party (tentative)
13Natter 'n' Noggin
19Monthly Club Meeting
22Cruise to the Rock, Thanksgiving Day
DEC 1Christmas Party (Tentative)
11Natter 'n' Noggin
--No monthly club meeting in December

JUN1-2AMGBA Meet 2001, Houston, TX
 1-3Rendezvous British, Quebec, Canada
  5Cruise night Plainfield
  6Cruise night Elmhurst, British Imports
  6Cruise night Lemont, British Cars
 8-9Heartland MG Regional, St.Joseph MO 816.795.9628
 8-10MGCC_RMC Glenwood Rally, Denver
 9-10British Autofaire Picnic, Peoria IL 309.692.2603 Ron Morge
 12Cruise night Plainfield
 14Cruise Night Joliet, Kit Cars
 15Cruise night Wheaton, Import Sports Cars
 15-17VSCDA Blackhawk Vintage Classic
16-17Michiana BRITS 15th Annual
Regional British Car Extravaganza
18-21GOF West 2001, Napa CA
19Cruise night Plainfield
20Cruise night Elmhurst, 40’s & 50’s Cars
20-24GOF MK-71, Reading PA 919.851.3030 Tony Thomas
 21Cruise night Joliet, British Cars
 21-24June Sprints, Road America
 24British Car Field Day, Sussex WI, Donahue 414.321.5466
 26Cruise night Plainfield
 28Cruise night Joliet, Vintage Race Cars
 30Cruise night Lombard, "The New Invaders"
JUL  1MG 2001 Endurance Rally, Monroe WI to St Paul MN
1-6MG 2001, St Paul, MN - All MG Council
   3Cruise night Plainfield
   5Cruise Night Joliet, Foreign Sports Cars
6-8VSCDA at Gingerman Raceway
  7Cruise night Lombard "American English"
 10Cruise night Plainfield
14Cruise night Lombard "Revival"
15Vintage Wheels & Wings show, Belvedere
 17Cruise night Plainfield
19-22VSCDA BRIC (vintage) Races at Road America
21London To Brighton Run (IBCU), Indiana
 21Cruise Night Lombard, “Del Souls”
 2215.An.Brit Car Show, Cincinnati, OH Dale 859.384.1345
 24Cruise night Plainfield
25Cruise night Lemont, Import Sports Cars
26-29GOF 2001 Central MK-23
27-29Chicago Historic Races, South Haven, MI
282nd Annual GOBMC All British Car and Cycle Show, Carthage, MO, 417-753-2641
 28Cruise Night Lombard, “New Colony Six”
 31Cruise night Plainfield
AUG  4Cruise Night Lombard, Rick “Elvis” Saucedo3
  5Vintage Spors Car Show, Milwaukee, WI 262.377.7943
   7Cruise night Plainfield
11Cruise Night Lombard, “Cryan” Shames
 14Cruise night Plainfield
17Cruise Night Wheaton, Vintage Race Cars
17-19VSCDA Vintage Grand Prix Au Grattan
18Cruise Night Lombard, “British Export”
18-19Heartland British Auto Fest, East Davenport, IA
19Orphan Auto Picnic, Aurora, IL - Larry 815.469.2936
 21Cruise night Plainfield
24-25The British Mark Triathlon IV, Eastern PA
2612th An. Taste of Britain, Lancaster PA 717.464.0475 Joan
28Cruise night Plainfield
31Cruise Night Wheaton, British Cars
SEP1-3All British car show in Kansas City, MO
  4Cruise night Plainfield
  8AHCA British Car Rally
  8BCU Brit Get Together, 94th Aero Squadron
  9BCU British Car Fest, Des Plaines, IL
  919th An. Battle of Brits, Detroit MI. 810.979.4875 Suzanne
11Cruise night Plainfield
13-16The British Invasion, Stowe, VT
156th An.Brit Car Day, Newburgh IN 812.490.0560 Bill
15-17Annual British Car Days, St Louis MO
18Cruise night Plainfield
20-23GOF MK-72, Painted Post ;NY 919.851.3030 Tony
21-23VSCDA Elkhart Lake Vintage Fest, Road America
21-22MG Focus Race, Road America
21-23Indy British Car Days, Indianapolis, IN
23Richmond Brit Car Day, RichmondVA 804.264.8551 Bruce
25Cruise night Plainfield
29MGs on Rocks, Rocks St.Pk MD 410.817.6862 Richard
29Cruise Night Lombard, Autum Fest Weekend
30Wings and Wheels, Santa Monica CA 800.235.6954 Kelvin
30British Legends on the Lawn, Whippany NJ 973.285.6930
OCT5-7VSCDA Easley Winery Vintage Grand Prix at IRP
5-7Fall Brit Car Festival, Wayensboro VA 540.943.1236 Bob
14Gtr Los Angeles Brit Car Mt, Van Nuys CA 310.292.6603
19-21Euro 2001, Greer SC 704.843.5821 Ann/John Jones
21Hunt Country Classic, Middleburg VA 701.207.9048 Steve
2717th Annual British Car Day Charleston, SC
NOV2-5 ?MG Rendezvous 2001, Tallahassee FL 850.222.9317 Joe
9-11 ?MG Rendezvous 2001, Tallahassee FL 850.222.9317 Joe

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