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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Dave Bralich called the meeting to order at 8:01pm. Other officers present were Ray Glorioso, Debra Mennell and Dave Mullis.
There were 43 members present and 4 new members/guests.
      Debi Bodven - 71 MGB, Len Casario - 77 MGB, Jeremy Dubin - 80 MGB, Dave Gjerstad - visiting member of the Williamette MG Club of Portland, OR.


Debora Mennell Car Works Sessions: Barney Gaylord replaced the sway bar on his MGA. Dave Ransom is restoring his ’75 MGB.
    Curt Bork assisted a gentleman from the Rockford area locate an annoying thump in his ’52 MG TD. After several false leads it was finally located - the brake line had rubbed on the differential until it was down to the copper lining. It would not have been much longer before the brakes would have been gone completely. Curt’s message - don’t ignore the little annoying noises that your car is making, it may just be something very important.

Driveline: Dues were due at the end of March. The Driveline mailing list was scrubbed to reflect current paid members. If you hear anyone complaining that they did not receive their Driveline this month please have them contact Debra Mennell (secretary) or Dave Mullis (treasurer) to see if their account is paid in full for 2001.

Spring Chicken Rally: Don Anderson apologized for a few small mistakes that happened during the rally but stated that it was a good time and the attending members at the meeting stated that they enjoyed the drive; even the gentleman that took the drive to Sugar Grove. There were 25 cars entered and 10 plaques awarded. Dinner was held at the White Fence Farm in Joliet where the rally traditionally ends.

Crawl Down Clark: Oscar & Diana Gonzales were one of the group that participated in this years pub crawl in Chicago. He reported that all had a good time although he did drop out before the final pub.

Tech Sessions: Spring Tune up was a success with about 30 people and 24 cars present. Donuts were served while the cars were being looked over. The sessions wrapped up around 2:30pm with several folks moving on for drinks and chat at a local bar.
    LaFox Motors session had more MGs than Triumphs this year. There were half dozen MGAs and a few Midgets as well as a Shelby Cobra and 2 Lotus along with many other cars.
    Upcoming sessions will include a swap out of a differential on a MGA on June 3, 2001. There will be a brake rebuild on a MGB; the date will be announced later.
    Dave Bralich will be re-doing the rear brakes and cylinders on his racer this weekend. Anyone that would like to participate, please give Dave a call for directions to his house.


Champagne British Car Fest: Several members will again be attending the Champagne British Car Fest this year although there will be no caravan as every-body seems to be leaving at different times. The theme this year is “2001 - A Space Oddity” and should be just as entertaining and amusing as past years have proven to be.

Land’s End Rally: Tom Josefek has planned out this years rally with a slight difference - we will be leaving South Beloit from the Welcome station on I90 (just over the state border) at 10:00am. There will be picnic lunch served along the way as usual. Rally fee is $40.00 per person, which includes dinner at Don Q’s hotel. Reservations must be made separately - call 1 800 666 7848.
    While Tom wasn’t at this meeting, Barb McCutcheon has reported that one reservation has been received. Please call Judy Josefek to reserve your place in this really beautiful rally.

Go Cart Night: Jim Evans has planned the Go Cart night again. It will be at the Just For Fun Amusement Park on Rt. 83 just south of Rt. 64 on June 12 and is scheduled to begin before ‘natter ‘n noggin. This is a great family affair and any child over the age of 10 years of age may participate in the regular go-carts while the really young children can ride in a special passenger cart. Please contact Jim Evans for details.

Abindgon Summer Party: Deb Morris had samples of the new shirts that will be sold at the party this year. They are pale denim blue with white lettering. Hats will be the same navy blue as last year with the addition of “2001” printed on them. Extra flyers will be on the tables at the meetings until the event.

Minnesota All Register Meet: Jake Snyder reported that it will run all week since July 4 is on a Wednesday. The rooms are going quickly so if you are planning to attend and haven’t made reservations do so very soon. This event involves all MG registers with many different tours, events and activities planned for your amusement during the week. They are expecting about 1000 cars to attend.
    Bill Mennell had volunteered to plan the caravan but is unable to do so. Currently the plan is to leave on Sunday moving west towards the Mississippi River to connect with other area club participants and then head north to St. Paul. Dave Bralich heard that there are 8 cars being shipped over from Britian to attend this event.
    Barney says that applications will be included in the newletter so check the entire Driveline carefully. The affair will be held at the State Fairgrounds which has some camping facilities for those people that would rather not pay room rates. Security will be provided and the historic races will also be held at the track.

British Car Union: Dave Bralich announced that the BCU fall show will be moving to a new location this year. It will be held at the Moraine Valley College in Palos Hills. The college has agreed to let the BCU have the use of several classrooms so that video’s, tech sessions, and lectures can be held while the show is running. Because they got such a good price on the location (free!) there will be no poster this year - instead they are giving out grill badges with each registration or the badges can be purchased at the show for around $30.00 each.

Regalia: Larry Daniels has received the first of the Silver Anniversary cars from Don Anderson. Don reports that the cars are being silver plated and will include a box with the Chicago skyline depicted in the background, a certificate and an insert with a brief description of the CMGC history. The 50 cars will sell for $50.00 each and will be available soon.

Misc: VSCDA Blackhawk Vintage Races will be on June 17, 2001. We will have both Kelvin Palmer and Dave Bralich appearing this year. Please come by and cheer for them - frequently and loudly.
    There will be a funkhana/autocross on June 24, 2001 at the DePaul University/BP-Amoco parking lot in Naperville. Don Anderson and Bill Mennell are putting the finishing touches on the plans and will have the information together soon. This will be put on the web page and included in future Driveline meeting notes.
    May 19 - 27 is “Drive your British Car Week” so get those cars out of the mothballs and get those engines turning over.

Raffle: The 50/50 raffle was won by one of our new members - David Ransom. Also both Dave and his wife Susan were given a free Car-X mug.

The meeting was concluded at 8:40pm. Tonight’s program was a talk on rallying given by Don Anderson.

Respectufully submitted,
Deb Mennell

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