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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2006

The meeting was called to order by John Schroeder at 8:04 p.m. Present were 40 members and three guests - Al Fortney and Stan & Rose Camporini.
The following members said they were working on their cars: Seth Jones (Midget - problem with overheating), Russ Mehaffey (MGA - repaired horns), and Maynard Hirsch (MGB - replaced windscreen).

Past Events

Doug Clark -"Cowboy" said that more than 20 people were at the HIF carburetor rebuild tech session on 3/25/06 - where we worked on Dave Mullis' MGB
-John S. gave a recap of the 4/1-4/2 Mo. Endurance Rally He and his co-driver, Kim Tonry, finished third (out of 14 teams) It took about 19 hours for them to cover the nearly 800 miles - the winners managed to do it in about 750 miles John brought in the trophy they won and the maps that showed the rally route.

Upcoming Events

-On 4/23/06, the year's first autocross will be held in Warrenville - at the Cantera theaters
-Russ said he has planned the year's first tour for 4/30/06, with a 10:00 a.m. start at the Cantera theaters in Warrenville, and ending up at a winery in Oswego.
-"Cowboy" announced that the "Spring Tune-Up" will be held on 5/7/06 at Quality Tire in Willowbrook
-The 5/9/06 Natter 'N Noggin will be at McNally's Pub in Elmhurst, as members seem to like it there (judging from the continuing high turn-out) -On 5/20/06 a (spring) tour to Road America will be held - check the web site for details
-The Land's End Rally will be held on 6/3/06 - with a multi-club (CMGC, VMGCC, British Boots and Bonnets) picnic at Curt Bork's estate in greater Kirkland, Ill.
-John S. reviewed the plans and activities for June's All MG Register meet in Tenn. About 20 cars from the Club will be in a caravan. Those driving should plan on spending one night each on the way down and back MEMBERS SHOULD REMEMBER TO CHECK THE CMGC WEB SITE FOR DETAILS AND UPDATES TO OUR CLUB'S AND OTHER LBC'S ACTIVITIES.

Other Business

Jim Evans explained that he will be giving an MG to the Club as a "project car" It is a '77B with 50,000 miles on it Wade Keene has indicated that he would be willing to keep it at his new shop in south suburban Homewood, with members working on it over the course of a few months as a series of tech sessions. Jim said that anyone interested in helping out should let "Cowboy" know.
Dean Swanson offered his artwork services for tee-shirts, saying he has done imprinting in the past.
Jack Feldman touted "The Finishing Touch" for the re-chroming of bumpers (and that the owners of this enterprise would probably be willing to address our Club during the "program" part of one of our meetings).
"Wilbur" mentioned that 2006 is the 40th anniversary of the movie Grand Prix, which is available in the DVD format.
Reinout said that former CMGC member/president Gene Cooper had donated a 1978 tape that features Club members and their cars - but it needs to be re-formatted.


Treasury - Jim Evans. Jim said that the checking account balance at the start of the quarter (and year) was about $1,700, and that the quarter's ending balance was about $6,000 - largely because of the money from February's swap meet. The savings account had a quarterly ending balance of $10,000-$11,000. Ongoing expenses during the remainder of the year will erode the balances.
Tools - Jim Evans (nothing new to report).
Library - David Lieb (it's been a good spring for going "N.S.") Plenty of books are available to be checked out.
"Wilbur" announced that he has three books that he will provide (not bequeath to) the CMGC library.
Regalia - David L. Ransom, Jr. - (nothing new to report).

At 8:50 we took a break. After the break, the 50/50 raffle ($21) was won by Barney.
The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

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