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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Tales of the Mongrel

The Neutralizer
By Ralph Arata
Final Conflict

The Neutralizer had led Sir William's soldiers away from Maccelsfield to a special place. He steered the race prepared MGB off of the A54 onto a very narrow hedge row almost equi-distant between the Cheshire villages of Maccelsfield and Congelton. The pursuing Jaguar XK8 and the crew wagon quickly followed meaning 10 hard-men in pursuit of the "B".
Ralph Arata a.k.a. the Neutralizer needed terrain to equalize the large enemy numbers and this carriage-way, barely a car width wide, and lined on each side by a 6 foot hedge row was perfect Even the Jag's PR-7 rocket launcher had fell silent as its operator no longer had a visible target.
The Neutralizer wheeled the powerful MG sports car off the carriage way into an oak tree filled field. He knew this field as he had once shared the spot with Susan Price, the brilliant and gorgeous mission controller of the "Farm" which was the base of operations for the Neutralizer's assignments handed down from the big fed John Schroeder. On that peaceful and sunny day with Susan, two things were unique. First, that the Neutralizer had some downtime with a person he cared about and secondly, it was a blissfully calm and warm English day.
This part of the flash back melted from the soldier's mind as he focused on the part of it that contained the details of terrain, the trees, rock formations and firm flat ground that would allow the MG to maneuver.
After placing the canister safely, the soldier parked the "B" behind a towering oak and grabbed the M-16/A203 grenade launcher. With the Israeli Dessert Eagle 44 magnum and Beretta 93-R already secured, the soldier grabbed the grenade bandolier and was off. He pressed the mute mode on the MGB (mute mode was a special "option" placed in the car by Tom "The Doctor" Josefek so that the car could run almost silently) and the remote control button from the key fob he carried. The soldier raced approx. 50 meters to the west of the "B" and waited behind another large oak.
The Jag was first car on the scene with its 2 occupants alert but not expecting a trap! After all, it was 10 to 1! The crew wagon came next and stopped side-by-side with the XK8. They waited.
The Neutralizer wondered why they did not come forward as he fixed a 40mm HE round onto the A203 launcher. He didn't wait long to find out as Sir William's Midget emerged into the field. "No time to let the master direct the troops" thought the soldier as he wheeled from behind the oak and let the 40mm frag grenade loose. The projectile landed 10 feet from the crew wagon taking out 3 of the Sir William's men. The rest scattered, firing from the hip as they went.
The Neutralizer did a full body role and came up firing the M-16 with its 30 caliber thunder taking a toll on 2 additional hard guys! Sir William was out of the Midget carrying a nickel plated Glock automatic. Sir William barked orders to flank the soldier and his troops quickly dispersed flanking the Neutralizer left and right.
"Time for my flank attack", thought Arata! As he dove for cover behind a rock formation he could feel the heat of return fire passing over his head. He flicked the key fob and the MG came thundering out from the oak grove. Steering the remote track ball he direct the 300 horsepower British roadster to the left flank. Sir William's henchmen saw the British racer coming for them and opened up with all they had. The "B" took dozens of hits with most just deflecting off its armored body panels. The MGB careened into the left flank rolling over 3 of the enemy and leaving them either going to the other side or moaning from their injuries.
The MG slid wide side-swiping an oak tree and coming to a sudden halt with its engine stalled. The Neutralizer was busy with Sir William's right flank where the international arms dealer stood with his 2 remaining troopers.
The bad guys broke right and left both unleashing their AK-47s. The Neutralizer did a body role and came firing the M16 taking one of the hard men out with several hits across the chest. The M16 locked empty so the soldier pulled the Beretta 93-R from its quick draw holster and with its selector set on 3-round burst tracked scanned for Sir William but saw nothing. The other of Sir William's "associates" let loose with a burst of his sub gun capturing Arata's attention by a near miss. The Neutralizer hit the ground hard and with a two handed Weaver grip placed a 3-round burst into the terrorist's torso.
The Neutralizer quickly clawed the ground to get his feet hitting the remote starter on the MGB. On the run, he steered it true with the mini track ball on his key fob and right into Sir William's Midget disabling the smaller sports car.
Something suddenly caught the soldier in the back of the neck sending him tumbling to the ground again. The Neutralizer tried to clear his head but only saw stars. He continued to role as he attempted to clear his vision. The soldier stopped and looked up checking for Sir William but in a blurred vision saw the muzzle of a 45 magnum nickel plated Glock staring him in the face.
"You appear to have had a bit too much to drink"? The voice behind the gun said. Arata looked straight at the shadow behind the Glock and said, "drop the weapon now and surrender - I will go easy on you".
My vision cleared and I saw my wife Susan staring at me confused…..and holding a banana in her hand that appeared to be aimed at me. Between her and me was a bottle of Chardonnay…only ¼ full at this point. Susan said, "No wonder you can't see anything!" "You drank the dinner wine!" "Come in the kitchen and help me - we have company coming."
As I was trotted toward the stove, I thought to myself. "Next time, Sir William…it will be our final scene".


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