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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
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Russ Mehaffey
Russ Meyhaffey's
Right Hand Drive

There have been many excellent driving days so far this year! It's all a matter of timing…good days and time on hand to drive. Then again even bad-weather days require drive time. Evidence the Spring Tour we had on April 30th. Just one week after our first autocross of the year, a day when the weatherman earned a big bonus, the rain gods prevailed on the Tour but we were undeterred. We were also a little cold and damp! But then, one week later, we had a gorgeous day to be inside for the Spring Tune-up. All a matter of timing.
I want to thank those that came out for the Tour. We had four MG's and a "civilian" vehicle - nine people altogether. And together we stayed, for about four hours including lunch and a winery tour at the conclusion. In hindsight it was best to have this event as a tour versus a rallye. I don't want to say it was a miserable day, but Amy and I took three towels along and used two of them to wipe up the leaks! Which further proves my observation of LBC's: they are not water-proof, just water resistant. I am giving the tour route to Barney for posting on the website so everyone can drive it when they have a chance. But wait for a rainy day so you can appreciate the same flavor of our experience.
As I mentioned last month my car wasn't feeling quite right in the battery department. Thanks to Wade's connections and a super fast delivery of a rebuilt generator, we were back in great shape a day before the Tour; and now my battery is recharging properly. It was interesting when you shook that old generator it made a strange rattling noise in the back end. They aren't supposed to do that, right? I believe it was failing for some time but by getting a lot of driving time recently the fault turned fatal quickly. Fortunately it occurred at home on and not on the way to Gatlinburg!
Speaking of Gatlinburg - my son and I will be making the trip in June. We didn't want to leave him "Home Alone" since he's strapping recent high school grad, so Amy and I figured we have to miss the festivities of MG2006. Then the thought came to me to ask my son if he wanted to go. His response was an immediate "Yes" followed quickly with "But I get to drive too." So plans are made and we'll be in the caravan being organized by John. We're looking forward to a great time; just hope the weather gods are favorable. I wonder, how many towels we should take?
Since I am submitting this after Mr. Editor's deadline of Sunday (May 21), I can add a comment about our project car, although Wade may be adding more information elsewhere in this issue. I saw this car, touched it, poked it and handled a bunch of its loose parts during the first session on May 21. This is definitely a do-able project by the CMGC, all it needs is your participation and expertise to make it complete. I know that when we're done, somebody's going to have a nice MGB on the road.
Over the last several months, I've brought up the idea of a CMGC calendar with members' car pictures etc. I will be pursuing this in earnest now so we can produce a great calendar in the fall. This is a chance to showcase your car (and photography talents) so please look for opportunities to pose your car and snap away. Nothing too sexy but be sure to remove the bra! Just remember - it's all a matter of timing.

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