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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Spridget Magic
by William R Thompson

I Met Dave Lieb at one of the very first events of the MG club I participated in, the Autocross a few years back that Mr. Hirsh set up at the old AMC testing grounds. Dave treated me nice, with a warm welcome, as did most other folks.

My Son and I both competed in the same car, my new to me 79’ Midget. My son beat the pants off me in my own car, as did every one else, including Dave and his wife. Autocross has never been my strong suit ;)

Since that time I have met Dave at a few other events, and he has always been a “good guy”, a pleasure to know and call a friend. Recently I hooked up with him at Sprite Spree in PA, and again enjoyed his company. My Bugeye had some minor problems out there, but it WAS out of commission, so I bummed a ride with Dave to the Carlisle swap meet. On the way there we talked about a lot of things, but one was the need for Dave to remodel his kitchen. I gave Dave a lot of advice, on what and where to look. (Kitchens are a specialty of my company). A few weeks after we got back from PA, Dave called and asked if I would look at his kitchen. As a friend I agreed, and decided to take a Saturday and drive one of my LBC’s to see him and give him some free advice.

Bugeye Sprite with MG Midget
Here is the sister, with her donor close by “bonding”.

A few days before I was to go tell Dave what I thought about his kitchen, he called up to tell me that he had an opportunity to “save” a Midget from the scrap heap, and would I bring my truck and trailer down to see him when we talked about his kitchen, and afterwards would I help him get this waif.

On the outset I was disappointed that I couldn’t drive an LBC to see Dave (hour plus away) but I said sure. I looked at his kitchen, took the notes etc, and then we proceeded to get his car. While we were at it I asked Dave if we were close to Just Brits, if he would introduce me to Ed. So he did. So there we were, a 70 midget in my trailer at Just Brits, with Ed giving all kind of innuendos about what I could do to my Bugeye, and he knew where I could get the parts… ... DUH

David Lieb stripping the MG Midget
David helping to stiip the MIdget. I wanted to get
a picture of Trish helping, but she was elusive!

Didn’t dawn on me till a few weeks later what was up. Here is all the parts you need for the common upgrades on a Bugeye, IN MY TRAILER, with no where to go, really!!

A few weeks later I figure out what was going on, and email Dave as to what he wanted for the parts I need (namely the engine and transmission). And he tells me, “You know what I paid for the car, that’s all I want”. Un-real!

The next thing we have a weekend planned to take car apart, so I can have the parts I need, and the rest will go on ebay. Dave and his family came up to Wisconsin early on Sunday, and thru the day I cooked some famous homemade Wisconsin brats on the grill and fed ‘em all some trademark Racine Kringle. All in all it was a fun day, we stripped EVERYTHING useable off the car, and in the end the shell was given to a scrap yard for the metal.

MG Midget bare body shell.
Nothing left but the shell for the scrap metal.

I look at the day as a nice day that two LBC families got together and enjoyed one another’s company. I look forward to many years that I can call Dave and Trish my friends.

Best regards to all our CMGC members and friends,

©2003 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.