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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Travels with MrBill 3…
Chicago to St. Louis down Route 66

by Sahara Hedrick

Sally Hedrick

For years, I’ve felt very much a tag-a-long at the various MG events around the country not understanding my husbands love for his little British sports car. I’ve never quite understood his endless patience with a car that was so unreliable. Yes, the little red midget is cute, but who has time for something that seems broken so much of the time. I suppose I tolerated his attachment for many years.

Six months ago the time had come to register for MG 2003 in St. Louis. Bill plied me with talk of the adventures ahead and of the wonderful people he was sure we’d meet should the little car happen to break down. “Sal, where’s your sense of adventure?” he said. Adventure? I needed SOLITUDE! The more Bill spoke of what was ahead, my resolve began to melt. Many months had passed since I’d seen friends from the club! We’ve had so much fun in the years past. “Of course, I’d love to go with you dear!” I said.

This convention was particularly special, because it was there that I began to internalize the MG Spirit that Ken Smith spoke about at the banquet. It all began to make perfect sense to me. I was just now beginning to feel what I watched so many folks exude over the past 10 years. The hallmarks of each of the trips we’d been on were the camaraderie, the loyalty to one another, and the FUN. This trip delivered no less. We saw 220+ beautiful little cars in St. Louis - and 6 of those were from Chicago! The various colors shining in the sunlight - some quite unusual- made me smile. I have to confess that the MGA’s are my favorite and if you saw Louie’s dark green A…well let’s just say I think my heart fluttered each time I saw it!

Changing a fuel hose in parking lot No doubt, many of you will hear convention stories…the adventures of Rick and Rick, the near perfect weather, bits and pieces about various cars, travels to the Soulard Market and several wineries, sampling of various gastronomic delights, and just plain enjoying the Mo. roads and countryside.

Returning home was no less of an adventure. Let’s just say that we took the scenic route. Our traveling companions are near and dear to my heart. I no longer look at breakdowns in quite the same way. Just south if I-80, the Gonzalez’ B developed a leak in the gas line. It was simply amazing to me to see the four traveling companion’s spring into action. Oscar, Roger, Kim, and Bill each had something to contribute to the repair. As expected, Oscar did the yeomen’s work. Many laughs, pictures, greasy hands and clothes later we were back on the road - loyalty, commitment, tenacity and skill in action. The broken was made whole again - the car, and my own heart. The MG spirit is alive and well in Chicago and in the Hedrick household.

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