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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Lucas Night Rally Results
August 5, 2000

By Dave Tucker

Susie was the rallye master this year. She had put together a short rallye of 27.2 miles. There were 25 questions to answer along the way of about 20 were very easy to answer. This was for the novice ralliest. To make it harder for the more experencinced rallyist there were also 15 picture answers to find and answer, too. At the start, the dash was not used, but in it’s place, a skilled event was used to gain extra points. Those stopping closest to the starting line gained extra points the closer they got without going over.

We had gotten up to a very nice morning, but as the day went on the sky turned cloudy. We thought “RAIN”, OH NO! THIS HAPPENED LAST YEAR! Yes, the drops started to fall,but, the sky cleared and the rallye was a dry one for everyone. We had some very enthusiastic rallyist’s; Pat from the Miata club showed up with her conga line of Miata’s asking, “where are all the MG’s?” Of course the Mg’s came trickling in as usual a few at a time, and really made our day.

We thought we could get to Jedi’s and have a nice meal, but low and behold in came one car. UH OH, we’ll eat later. Maybe we didn’t make the rallye hard or long enough. I must say though that everyone was so gracious thanking us for all the hard work we put in the rallye, it really makes us feel good just knowing that they cared enough to let us know.


1st David Lieb-Milhaela Lieb     46--28.1M
2nd KevinPalmer-Vicky Palmer     42--29.2M
3rd RogerGobert-Shirley Gobert   41--30.9M
4th Jeff Tucker-Kirstin Manos    41--40.0M
5th Bud Yeager-Marchan           41--58.2M
6th Brian Tucker-Erin Kucala     40--32.0M
7th Tom Dyer-Shontsine Dyer      38--30.0M
8th Reinout Vogt Henneke Vogt    37--21.0M
9th Parker Whiteway-Derek Dzlak  34--47.5M
10th Barney and Elliot Gaylord   33--28.2M
11th Bob Swanson-Anne Geissler       D.N.F

1st Tim Joos-Jason Joos          54--27.2M
2nd Chris Grezlk-Chrish Grezlk   48--28.6M
3rd Mike Potterson-Kara Moriarty 47--27.7M
4th Cyndee Boyvey-Al Brown       46--27.5M
5th Chris Dunn-Judy Dunn         45--29.1M
6th Rich Edgley-Jan Edgley       45--32.0M
7th Jim Swaine-Sanoy Swaine      44--27.5M
8th Arthur Eikert-Dave Eckstien  43--28.4M
9th Tim Martin-Pat Markus        43--31.6M
10th Chuck & Ellen Cheesman      41--28.5M
11th C.J. Pepe-Madde Pepe        41--30.9M
12th  Ken & Sandy McCall         39--27.8M
13th   Jim Smith-Linda Anderson  39--31.0M
14th Jim Tracy-Carol Tracy       32--no mi
15th Harry Sue-Ruth Sue          28--30.0M

Susie and Dave Tucker hoped everyone had as much fun on the rallye as we had creating it. If you have any Comments or Questions feel free to contact us at 708-425-1248 or email p.s. Dave,L. It was white, not yellow, white. Ya still won. .Also group, there was a “TRIUMPH” sign ,backround was in white but not my shirt. Susie allowed me just one “shi-ty” Ignore route instructions ending in a “ S “ was my input, could you tell?   Dave Tucker

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