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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
The Rally Corner

I would like to dedicate this Rally corner to the rally and event masters who run our events. These people give of their time, energy, and out of pocket expense to put together rallies and autocrosses for the rest of us to enjoy. Without their efforts we would not have the type of club we do.

Don Anderson - spring autocross
Scott Anderson - Driving school instructor and endurocross event master
Curt Bork - Spring Rally, Rally Master
Taylor Bork - Rally master assistant
Barney Gaylord - Driving school instructor
Tom Josefek - Landsend rally,Rally Master(for the work that went into it)
Susan Tucker - Lucas night Rally, rally master
Paul Urquhart - Rally 2000 and Halloween Rally, Rally master
Reinout Vogt - Driving school instructor and Siemans autocross event master

Also a special thanks for putting on the Abingdon party. Jim and Lois Evans, Dave Bralich, Barney Gaylord, Bill Hedrick, William Mennell, Kim Tonry, Reinout Vogt, Ralph Arata, Tom Josefek and family, Larry Daniels, Geoff & Deb Morris, Ray Glorioso, and Iím sure a few others I have missed.

My personal thanks to all.

Keep the rubber side down.
Mike Olsen

Here are the current point standings
for the year 2000 competitive driving events:

Rally Drivers:
  Kelvin Palmer first with 26
  Roger Goebbert second with 25
  David Lieb third with 20
Rally Navigators:
  Vicki Palmer first with 26
  Shirley Goebbert second with 25
  Michaele Lieb third with 20
Autocross points:
  Jack McIlvain first with 30
  Parker Whiteway and Dave Bralick
    tied for second at 28
  Reinout Vogt in Third with 26
Over all for Driver of the year:
  Kelvin Palmer first with 29.5
  Roger Goebbert second with 25
  David Lieb third with 20

We have just one more event to run so good luck to all.

      Keeping that rubber side down
      Mike Olsen

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