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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
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From your Co-chairmen
Wade Keene
Wade Keene's Right Hand Drive

I'm just going to give thanks this month to various members for various services. I'm sure some will be left out, and I apologize, but I just want to single a few out.

Bob Simon, thanks for taking over the Driveline. It looks great so far. A lot of people's involvement with the CMGC extends to getting the Driveline and little else, so it's an important job and it's good to have someone running it that gives it the attention it deserves. On a related note, we are still looking for a new webmaster. Barney has more than done his bit, as he had with the Driveline, and is ready to retire. Let John or me know if you are interested or know of somebody that might be.

Amy Mehaffey, thanks for the goodwill and recruiting efforts at the club tent at the BCU car show. We signed up several new members that day and at least two were signed up by Amy. In a hobby that can have so much snobbishness (observe some of the more expensive marques) it's a real credit to our club and our cars that we attract such great people.

Dean Swanson, thanks for managing the parking lot ushers at the BCU Show, and thanks to the ushers themselves. We had people lined up for their work spots well in advance, and it all went smoothly. That hasn't always happened at that event, so it was nice to see a well oiled machined in place. Heck, I didn't even need to work my spot - I was told by BCU staff that I wasn't needed. That tells me things were covered.

And now, a clarification. Once again, I'd like to thank Bill for letting me use his car at the September autocross since I brought up the cones and gear with my truck. I wrote last month that there was "nothing real special about his car, he just drives it well." I didn't mean he has a slow car; just that he consistently gets good times and places well against cars that are in a class "higher" than his car despite the lack of cross flow head, supercharger, or other such gadgetry. I even tried to find out just how fast his car was, turns out it's less than a second slower than a Lotus Europa, even with me driving.

Finally, we need everyone to think about the elected offices for next year. Elections are coming up soon and we will need nominations for President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. I, and I'm sure others, very much hope we have enough people interested in the success of this club that we can have elections for the upcoming year with more than one choice per office. The first round of nominations will be at the October meeting; there will also be cake.

Safety Fast, Wade

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