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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
The CMGC is doing a project car!

Work on the 1977 MGB continues to plod along. We finished most of the front end work during the last two weekends of September. In keeping with the plan to repair/replace/restore only what needed doing and to keep things standard for the most part, we installed new rubber bushings (V8 type in the wishbones) and seals. It turned out that the swivel axles required re-shimming and the kingpins were a bit worn so we took care of that also. Shocks, A-arms, and everything else was still in satisfactory shape, so we didn't fix anything else. As I write this we still need to replace the brake rotors, repack the bearings, and install the front hubs, bearings, and shims correctly, but that will likely be done on Sept. 30. If it doesn't get done we'll do it on Oct. 14.

October 14, Saturday at 9am
October 22, Sunday at 10am
October 28, Saturday at 9am
November 4, Saturday at 9am
November 18, Saturday at 9am

It's always safe to assume that there's bodywork and/or paint prep work to be done, but the car has many other needs as well. With turnout being what it has been, its tough to set a schedule of work. If you're wondering what is going to be done on any particular day that information is as close as a phone call. - See you in the shop, Wade

Shop information: W and G Motorparts, Wade Keene, Prop., 18009 Parnell in Thornton/Homewood. Shop/cell phone number 708-752-1701. Offering body and rust repair, restoration, mechanical work and parts sales. For most LBCs, particularly MGBs and Spridgets

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