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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

A REBUTTAL - by Larry Daniels
Fall Color Tour Revisited

Larry Daniels To Barney Gaylord:

After 30 years in sales I thought it impossible to take anything personally. However the pointed, acrid, and disparaging remarks of this report cause me to take umbrage. A few years ago Mary and I received the Booby Prize Trophy for attending the most rallies and never placing! Maybe we were simply protecting our reputation! Mmm. A true narrative follows.

Larry Daniels Midget After missing most of the driving season, we were eager to meet our MG friends. We arrived just in time to hear Mike whisper the instructions. Our fellow enthusiasts seemed glad to see us-or were they? We headed out to the interstate to get off on 20 but having been given the high sign by an unmentioned senior officer we merrily took Bus. 20 instead. But instead of turning back-not my style-as other cars did ,we proceeded to downtown Rockford to simply catch Rte 2 south assuming we would catch up with the caravan. It then appears the entire caravan then raced down 2. After enjoying the river scenery for about 15 minutes-and seeing no MGs-we felt MG Rapture had occurred and we were left behind!

Then always the optimists, we felt we would at least catch up with some members at the Fall Craft Festival (which had been held the weekend before). Briefly pondering the holiday crafts we would have purchased, we crossed the river at the first right and ran into a mile-long line trying to get into a park but not the right one. Boring, so we rested, enjoyed the submarine races and headed to the lunch spot (where reservations had been set for the week before). Again briefly considering the half pound burgers we would have enjoyed. Then we turned to each other and practically became hysterical. This was a huge joke with us being the victims! We love a sense of humor and can only say - thanks!

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