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The Rally Corner

Was It Really Over ?

by Reinout Vogt

Yes, although the title of my last column in 1998 was That's It, It's Over it actually is not really over until two more things have taken place. One is the final verification of the results, and the second is the trophy presentation at the Annual Awards Banquet. It has been brought to my attention that championship points may have credited to non-club members. At the time of this writing, I am not yet certain about the outcome, so the final standing will remain a little bit of a secret probably until the January Club Meeting.

But more importantly, the Annual Business Meeting and Awards Banquet will be on Sunday February 7th. Elsewhere in your favorite MG Newsletter, you'll find all details and how to register for the event. I can only say that there are many reasons why we expect many of you to be there. First of all, it is your official chance to give direction to the club and participate in its decision making process. That is the reason why the first half of the name of the event is Annual Business Meeting. The fun part however, comes always in the second half, the Awards Presentation. Be there to recognize the champions, to celebrate the excellent results of many other participants and there are always many fun awards, and recognition awards. And last, but not least, it is a good habit to break the winter blues (it is minus 10 degrees while I am writing this) and meet your best friends. I have even adapted my favorite ending of the Rally Corner to:

As always; looking at the car in the garage over the winter is OK, working and cleaning the car in the spring is fine too, running errands or commuting to work in the summer is great, but nothing beats the blizzard of '99 better than driving your MG being together with so many other MG's friends at to your CMGC Awards Banquet !!!!!


PS. In this issue you will also find the preliminary calendar of events for the 1999 Driving Season. See the footnote for the reason(s) why some events are not yet scheduled, or dates may still change.

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