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The Rally Corner

By Reinout Vogt

The 1999 driving season is only a few weeks away. Your club, again, offers a selection of (driving) events with un-equaled variety and frequency. There is something for every one, from social to competition, from tour to rally, and from BBQ to slalom. And, believe it or not, your club officers even came up with two new events; a Driving School, and a variation of the dinner tour, a ‘Progressive Dinner Ride’ (it is in September, plenty of time to explain what it is, and how it works).

The Utica Driving School however is the season opener for which I expect a lot of participation. We’ll learn a lot about driving, style, technique, car preparation etc. See the ad in this issue.

Then the first rally of this season, the Spring Chicken Rally, is the first competitive event which also counts towards the club championship. Details are also found in a separate ad.

And, please don't think that the championship is not for you! The 1998 edition awarded many results in many categories and I intend to continue that trend. Our championship is for everybody in the club, not only for few competitive diehards. To refresh our memories and once more officially recognize the excellent results in the 1998 championship, here is the list with the final standings:

Overall Category
Driver   Navigator  
1 Kelvin Palmer   1 Barb McCutcheon  

Rally Category
Drivers   Navigators  
1 Kelvin Palmer   1 Barb McCutcheon  
2 Mike Olsen   2 Vicki Palmer  
3 Joanne Trowbridge   3 Diane Tonry  
4 Kim Tonry   4 Sharon Anderson  
5 Don Anderson   5 Taylor Bork  

Best Result in a T-Type
Curt Bork

Helper Of The Year
1 Mickey Joffe
2 Bill & Debbie Mennell

Consolation Prize or ‘It Looked Very Good For A While’
(high score in first events, then no more points)
1 Walt & Nancy Wiborg
2 Debbie & Taylor Bork

Autocross Category
1 Scott Anderson
2 Bob Brownlow
3 Maynard Hirsh

Booby Prize (lowest score in at least 3 events)
1 Mike Hirsh
2 David Benn
3 Dave Bralich

To wrap of the 1998 season, here are some 1998 Rally Master statistics:

Events Participation

  Participated in:  
Spring Chicken Rally 13 7 events 1, Mike Olson
Lands End Rally 22 6 events 1
North Shore Rally 4 5 events 4
Lucas Memorial Night Rally 21 (incl. 9 Mazda’s) 4 events 7
Utica Autocross 23 drivers 3 events 5
Siemens Autocross 21 2 events 26
    1 event 44

Total: 53 Drivers + 35 Navigators

I hope that the addition of one extra Autocross and one less Rally on this year’s calendar will be successful and that we will see more members participating in more events. The final calendar is always published on the back cover of this fine publication. I suggest that you mark your calendars and plan on driving your MG even more than last season.

And finally, I will be braking my end-line of the many columns I wrote as your chairman and your rally master. I used to say: "looking at the car in the garage over the winter is OK, working and cleaning the car in the spring is fine too, running errands or commuting to work in the summer is great, but nothing beats driving your MG together with so many other MG's to your CMGC events"

From now on I will shorten that to: "Drive It".

©1999 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.