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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
February 17, 2003

    The meeting was called to order at 8:00 pm by Bill Menell. There were 48 members present, no guests.


    Dave (Cowboy ) Bralich held a tech session on 2/16, disassembling 2 transmissions. There were 9 members present.


    Our annual Swap Meet will be held February 24th at the DuPage County Fairgrounds. Jim Evans stated that 91 spots are filled, the same as last year at this time.
    There will be a tech session on 3/26 to be held at Al Piemonte Ford. Topic will be brakes, both on a B and a Midget
    The Spring Tour will April 27th. It will go from Crystal Lake to Lake Geneva


Mike Hirsch     DUES ARE DUE. If not paid the member will be dropped from the mailing of the Driveline until paid.


    Bill Mennell, President, stated his goals for the upcoming year. He would like to obtain assistance for the Editor of the Driveline, volunteers for the Holiday Party (Itís not too early) and if anyone has ideas for after meeting programs, please contact him.
    Bill Hedrick, Vice President, talked about his agenda for the year. He wants us to have fun and have a good time. He wishes to continue the traditions of the club, but to review and change if necessary. Bill also feels the club needs to show more fiscal responsibility and work to retain and recruit new members.
    Dave Mullis, Treasurer, gave a financial report.
    Mike Hirsch, Secretary, reported that as of 2/17 paid membership for 2003 is 225 members compared with 364 at the end of 2002.
    Dave Ransom, Regalia, reported that his aim is to make money from regalia. Non members will be paying 10% more than members.
    Dave Lieb, Driving, Events, wants to have more autocrosses this year, but we are hindered due to lack of locations. If anyone has ideas, please contact him.
    Barney Gaylord, Driveline Editor and Webmaster, reported that we moved to a new server in November with no problem. He also stated that publishing and mailing the Driveline costs $18 per year per member.
    Dave Bralich, Tech Coordinator, want to do one technical session a month.
    Jim Evans, Toolmaster, reports that Ray Glorioso donated an alternator tester to the club. The connections need to be altered to accept Lucas plugs. We are also looking for a pollution tester to add to too listing.
    The annual Driving Awards were given out including a special presentation to Dave Bralich, our outgoing President.
    The 50/50 raffle, a prize of $31 went to Kelvin Palmer. Two British Car Festival posters were also awarded, one each to Dave Ransome and Jim Michael.
    The meeting was adjourned at 10:00

Respectufully submitted,
Mike Hirsch"

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