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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
March Tech Sessions

Technical Session at Al Piemonte Ford
March 17, 2001

The Al Piemonte Ford technical seminar has become a traditional perinneal smash success. This was no exception, being well attended, and gave us all another opportunity for hands on experience at maintaining our cars. This time we were replacing the brakes on a rubber bumper MG Midget. The car came in on a trailer, as the rear brakes were weak and leaking fluid, people around Midget on lift and the front brakes were locking up. The rear brakes were cleaned up and given new shoes and wheel cylinders. The front brakes were inspected and blessed after the master cylinder wes replaced with a new one. Once the hydraulic system was flushed and bled a test drive had the car nearly standing on its nose with a moderate stomp on the brake pedal, and another MG is back on the road again.

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MGA Cylinder head Evaluation/Replacement
March 18, 2001

inverted cylinder headWhen Steve Mericalís MGA was down to 30 PSI compression on #4 cylinder it was time to investigate. This made for another great tech session with a dozen members attending and furthering their education in self service. See the full story in "Go Brit Baby".

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Impromptu MGB Lighting Wiring Repair
March 19, 2001

inverted cylinder headNecessity is the mother of invention. All lights failing on a MGB-GT after the monthly club meeting gave the opportunity for yet another parking lot tech session. The plastic rocker switch had failed with open circuit and left the car with no lights at all. A few helping hands, some spare wire and tape were enough to bypass the faulty switch for the drive home.

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