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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
letters chart Website Update
by Barney Gaylord

Appearantly the e-mail box on the club web site had been ignored for several months, and the server was rejecting e-mail for several weeks. We appologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we are now processing 20 new membership applications that were received on line during that time. All known requests for update of members on-line e-mail addresses have been executed and the senders have been notified. Several inquires for information have been forwarded to appropriate parties for response, and several new vendor contacts have been added to the “Links” page after being received here via e-mail.

Additionally, from this day forward all e-mail received on the club server is being automatically forwarded to the appropriate club officer(s) for immediate review. There will be no more delays in processing membership applications or in responding to any other correspondence received by e-mail at the club website.

Another very recent change is the connection of the club web site to the MG Site Ring on the internet. This is a linking of over 150 MG related web sites in a serial ring such that you can step from site to site without having to search for them. The resources here are vast and now intimately connected all over the world. Drop in with your web browser and visit vendors, clubs, private MG web sites and tech tips to no end. In the few days that our club site has been connected to this web ring it has been rising steadily in rankings of hits from the web ring. This is destined to be another great resource for our club in making contact with potential new members and for spreading our news and views.

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