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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Hear Ye, Hear Ye !
Abingdon 2000 Summer Party

August 17-20, 2000

Jumers Continental Inn, Galesburg, IL 61401
For Reservations: 800-285-8637
$58/night special rate for Group #304760.

For just GOBS MORE INFORMATION visit our web site at

Abingdon Summer Party
Schedule of Events

Thursday - Aug. 17, 2000
 7:30am -  9:00am  Registration open at hotel.
 7:30am -  8:30am  Start of Abingdon Endurance Rally.
 7:30am - ??:??    Scavenger Hunt.

Friday - Aug. 18, 2000
  Noon	- 10:00pm  Registration open at hotel.
 9:00am - ??:??    Scavenger Hunt.
12:00pm -  5:00pm  Tech. Sessions.
--  All day  --    Vendor  booths* in parking lot of Jumers.
 7:00pm - ??:??    “Club Crawl” / Hospitality Suites.

Saturday - Aug. 19, 2000
 9:00am	-  1:00pm  Registration open at car show.
 9:00am	-  5:00pm  Scavenger Hunt.
10:00am	-  1:00pm  Car Show in downtown Abingdon.
10:00am -  5:00pm  Vendor  booths at car show.
12:00pm -  1:00pm  “Sterling” judging.
 1:00pm	-  5:00pm  The famous downtown  “Abingdon Gymkhana”.
 9:00am	-  5:00pm  Self guided tour and rally.
 7:00pm	- 10:00pm  Banquet dinner & Awards.
 7:00pm	- 10:00pm  Vendor  booths* in parking lot of Jumers.
??:??pm - ??:??    Hospitality Suites.

Sunday - Aug. 20, 2000
 8:00am - 10:00am  Picnic breakfast.
*Vendor booths in parking lot of Jumers - Space will be made available to all of the Saturday’s Vendors on request.

Jim Evans - phone: 630-858-8192
Bill Mennell - E Mail:

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