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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes
Monday, August 20, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 8:01 p.m. by Co-Chairman Jim Evans when he banged the gavel.
Present were 33 people, which included two new members or guests – John Caprini from Clarendon Hills (’74 B) & George Phariss from Ivanhoe (’78 B).
Whilst the MG Bucks shirt sign-up sheet was being passed around, Jim reminded everyone about the MG Bucks “shirt rule” – that is, one may wear a shirt from an MG function once to sign the sheet. (CMGC regalia shirts don’t count.) He explained that the shirt he was wearing (that appeared to give him that “Baby Huey” look) was from the 1991 AMGBA convention our Club hosted.
The following car projects were mentioned:
-Victor L’Heureux – fuel pump on B
-Tom Holzman – needs snaps for tonneau on B
-Maynard Hirsch – brakes on his Jaguar (backing plates & pads)


July 2007 NAMGBR convention in Napa, Cal. – recapped by Shirley Goebbert; 250 MGs were there, featured driving tours to the Pacific coast and the wine country (on good driving roads)
7/20-7/22 Road America camping trip & historic races – recapped by Jake Snyder; 8 MGs, 21 people from the Club; unfortunately, the parade of race cars was missed because they used the back door
7/22/07 Lake Forest car show – recapped by Scott Kiederlew; Barney was the other CMGC member there with his MG, a lot of older show quality cars were on the field
8/9-8/12 University Motors Summer Picnic – recapped by Jeff Powell; 245 MGs (but no judging this year), the usual enjoyment on the driving tours and hobnobbing in the hotel car park; Diana Gonzales said thanks should go to Reinout & Henneke for organizing the CMGC group picnic; Jim further said that about 20 CMGC members and eight of our cars went there, most convoy style
8/10-8/12 MG Drivers Club of No. Amer. “Drive-In” #11 – Barney attended this meeting (with his expenses paid and was given a lifetime membership) to receive the prestigious Cecil Kimber Enthusiasts Award for 2007 by this club in recognition of his support of MGs and his assistance he gives people from all over the world; CONGRATULATIONS, BARNEY!!


8/25/07 – Autocross with the Windy City Miata Club at Maywood Park
8/25-8/26 – “Masterpiece” car show in Milwaukee; Jim mentioned that this show could grow in popularity in the future
8/26/07 – The Orphan Car Picnic in Aurora, rescheduled from yesterday due to rain
9/9/07 – BCU Festival; “Cowboy” reminded us that we are to help with the marshalling of cars and he previewed some of the activities (judging, seminars, music by “The Spinal Tappets”)
9/15-9/16 – Annual Wisconsin Beer, Cheese & Wine Tour, previewed by John Schroeder; 23 of the 25 hotel rooms have been booked so far; 40 people signed up; good driving roads in south-central Wisc. will be featured; Jim commented that this event is one of the newer ones that has become very popular – and thanked John for planning it
9/15-9/16 – Jim mentioned the Barrington Concourse Elegance (which shouldn’t give the Club’s Wisc. BCW Tour much competition), where for $125 you could enter your car



Jim thanked Jeff for bringing in old Driveline issues to be scanned in to the web site and for donation to the library.
The project car is ensconced at Barney’s. Last month a lot of wet sanding was done and we hope to do sanding with 400 grit on 9/1/07 prior to having it painted. The engine and transmission are back in the car. In response to a question from J-P Brossard, Jim said that the Club is working on this car to make it drivable and for someone to enjoy – not to conduct a full restoration.
Jim provided an update on the newsletter (Driveline). Whilst Barney kindly continues to serve as acting editor, we’re exploring the chance to acquire software that will help to make this task more portable – and thus help ensure continuity when someone else takes on the role of editor.
Jim asked that anyone with a suggestion for a different Natter n Noggin venue contact him with it – but check the “criteria” for considering such a site.
Jim said we might have a silent auction at next month’s meeting, as the Club has come into a bunch of MG parts. He and Reinout spent a lot of time moving them into the Club’s storage locker. We might be able to publish a partial inventory in the Driveline.
Jim mentioned that several handouts are available to members at the front table:
-Hagerty collector car insurance brochures
-newsletters from other car clubs
-NAMGBR membership forms and leaflets on the 2008 convention in Valley Forge, Pa.
-Grassroots Motorsports & Classic Motorsports subscription forms
Jim announced that NAMGAR has recognized our Club as a chapter.
Doug Clark


Tools – new sandblaster
Library – “Wilbur” said that Jeff donated two books
Regalia – David L. Ransom, Jr. said we have no new inventory – but new members were encouraged to see what is available

At 9:00 we took a break and 50/50 raffle tickets were sold. The winners of the raffle were Maynard ($11) and Barney (tee shirt).


“Cowboy” conducted a min-tech session on pushrods – to emphasize how important it is that they be as straight as possible. To help determine this, he brought in a large mirror where by rolling each rod on it, the reflection can reveal more defects – if they “wobble”. By not having straight pushrods, frequent valve adjustments will be needed, as they will affect the tappets. He further showed his method for temporarily storing them when they’re out of the engine – a wooden block with holes for them that are numbered 1-8 and marked F (front) & R (rear). Thanks to “Cowboy” for this useful advice that should help keep our MGs on the road.
The meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

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