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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Itís Time to Vote for Club Officers!

Bob Simon for Treasurer

In this issue of Driveline, you are being asked to vote for your club's officers for 2007. I have put myself in the running and ask for your vote for Treasurer. Each of us as club members has ways in which we can contribute to the success of the club. Some individuals contribute their expertise in mechanics, some in web hosting, some in events creation, some in regalia design, procurement and sales, some in leadership. This club has been successful for as long as it has, because of the willingness of its members to contribute.
I have been contributing my expertise in composition and publishing the Driveline, but I felt that my main expertise in my work life, financial management, was not being contributed outside of my work life. This last summer I decided to change that, so I ran for and became chair of the Illinois CPA Society's Governmental Accounting Executive Committee. This committee reviews and comments on proposed changes to governmental accounting policy for Illinois, and puts on two one day conferences on governmental accounting for local, state, and federal accountants and accounting/auditing firms. This has as a side benefit, also enriched my work life.
When late fall arrived, John Schroeder and I began discussing succession in the club's leadership and I began to think about how I could contribute my expertise in my leisure life to one of my two most cherished leisure activities, the driving of old British cars (the other one is singing). And that brought me to the candidacy for Treasurer.
Below are my background, my interpretation on the mission of the Treasurer, and some beliefs regarding non-profit organizations. I hope that this information will lead you towards voting for me as Treasurer in the upcoming election. If you have any questions about what I have written, please contact me at:


1975 MGB owner. Club member since 1985. 1969 Austin Mini owner.
32 years with federal government as a financial manager.
Certified Public Accountant. Certified Government Financial Manager
Manage approx. $5 Million in yearly funding for the Federal Govít.

Mission as Treasurer

Accurately account for revenue and expenditures.
Report quarterly on the financial condition of the club and annually to the membership on the financial condition of the club.
Provide financial consultation to club officers, i.e. cost/benefit analysis, post event analysis of cash flow, etc.

I believe that as a non-profit organization:

The club should maintain an adequate cash reserve, but that some yearly events can and should be subsidized by the treasury. Most, but not all events should break even, or make a modest profit. The Treasurer should advise the officers on the expected profitability of planned events, but the Treasurer does not and should not have the power to prevent an event, unless it would take the clubís cash reserve to a dangerously low level. The Treasurer should facilitate the clubís ability to achieve its mission, to realize its goals.

Thank you, Bob.

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