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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
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It was a beautiful Thanksgiving Day! My son and I took part in our first Cruise to the Rock which gave us time to reconnect. He’s been away at school since early August and was chomping at the bit for some MG drive time. All went as planned (?) with a nine-car caravan from Woodridge to The Rock where we were met with several other Club members for a nice social event. It was also nice that we allowed several dozen motorcycle riders to revel in the gorgeous morning! I felt a little empty-handed as the cyclists were promoting their Toys-for-Tots campaign…we should have brought our own donation or used the opportunity to contribute as a club to this cause. Maybe next year. None the less, Thank You Ann & Jake Snyder for your help in getting this event set up for the CMGC again!
So why the “?” when saying “all went well”. While cruising up I-55 with the caravan I was wondering why I smelled smoke. Sure we’re driving through some industrial parts of Chicago, but with the top down we shouldn’t have a constant and growing smoky-smell, right? So at The Rock I take a look and find nothing. At least no glowing embers! On our return trip it was too noticeable and we pulled over on the interstate only to find the generator smoking like a chimney. Thankfully a quick reassurance (aka “panic”) call to Chairman John and advice from Barney we are back underway with an unplugged generator and a previously fully charged battery. We made it home just fine, within minutes of my brother and family for a great Thanksgiving feast. You don’t have to ask what I was thankful for!
So on to the mundane things of the Club. As I have expressed to many of you, my personal circumstances since the middle of this year has made me focus on little else other than work and family matters. For that I apologize to the members for only contributing in background support. Also as evidence, my “quick” engine removal and reinstallation took three times longer than first expected and I’m still not done with it. I was out of town for the October meeting but had agreed to a nomination for a 2007 CMGC Chairman position as I have tried to serve during this past year. Quite frankly, due to my personal situation, my heart wasn’t really into it but I felt obligated to run since it appeared no one else had any interest. But recently my fortunes have changed. Amy and I will be relocating to the northwest ‘burbs in mid-December and I will gain about 4 hours a day back in my life! So I am “back in the game” and ready to serve if you see fit. There are several competent candidates for all officer positions next year; a situation that didn’t exist a few short weeks ago. For that I am also thankful because a choice of candidates for positions is much better than having an equal number for the positions available.
Elsewhere in this issue (or ballot) you may read of candidates for next year’s officers. Contrary to what you may have heard at November’s meeting or within this issue, please note that I am an independent candidate for a Chair position without affiliation to any “Party”. Those that receive the votes get the position. If none of that happens for me, I will still be happy, reveling in the ownership of an MG while enjoying the good friends we have made throughout the events the Club. We will still be around and I hope everyone else is too!
It has been a terrific year for MG and CMGC! To reiterate - many thanks to John Schroeder for his leadership over the past couple years; especially for his organization of the MG2006 caravan and the Wisconsin Wine, Cheese, Beer and Shakespeare Tours. You have big shoes to fill, John.
Thank you all for your help and support over the past year. Along with Amy, we wish you a blessed holiday season and a healthy prosperous New Year!

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