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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Itís Time to Vote for Club Officers!
The Following Are Campaign Platforms for this yearís candidates (Placed in the order received)

Seth Jones for Co-Chairman

Dear Friends,

Four score and two years ago, visionary men launched a car company that embodied the spirit of fun, ingenuity, and performance. Though through the years some who led the company did not share the same ideals that the marque stood for, as a corporation MG had survived many hard times, and a few good times. Still, we must never forget that the very reason that MG became the company that produced affordable, and entertaining automobiles is because of the troubles, the trials, and the denial of what might have been. Through it all, the name refused to die.
I may have been born a year after the close of the Abingdon Plant, but I grew up with MG. My Uncle was a British car enthusiast who ruined every last one he owned. He wrecked spitfires and various other cars. My dad decided that if ever his brother in law was to again dispose of one that he would rescue it.
That was so very long ago. I learned how to fix things on that car; I became addicted to the smell of grease, oil, and exhaust. The whine of the gearbox, the sound of the engine. It was magical. For years it sat there in the garage, forgotten, unloved. My dad nearly sold it. He gave up on fixing the clutches and working on it. He offered it to me. All I could remember by then was the unreliability. Still I got it running again just to be nice.
Six years ago I drove that car for the first time. A few years later I joined this club. I learned many things about what was wrong with it. I embarked on an ambitious project and received enough support to complete it.
You have made a difference in my mg experience. I still struggle with the car. Whether itís a Lucas gremlin, a loose rear suspension, or insurance problems, you have always been there to share your wisdom, your friendship, and your time.
I believe it is now my turn to make a difference in your MG experience. I am grateful to the present leadership for the hard work they put in. I know I will appreciate it all the more if elected. I donít run because they did a poor job, I run because I believe that I deserve a chance to help the club that has meant so much to me.
Right now, I am the only regularly attending twenty-something in the club. I would like to explore ways to change that. I have ideas for more ways that the club could help its members. I have a plan that could lower shipping costs for parts for club members. I want to find ways to make the Driveline more fun and accessible to its members. I would like to see the addition of a forum on the club website where members and non-members can discuss all things MG. I want to find out why people skip out on club events and find ways to boost attendance. All that said, this is our club. We are here to enjoy each otherís company, to enjoy our cars, and have a good time. Our club does reflect that now, but I believe it can be something just a little more than it is. More fun, more friends, more safety fast.

Sincerely, Seth Jones

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