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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes
Monday, November 20, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m.
No guests or new members were present.
The meeting started with a program / “tech session” presented by “Cowboy” – with the topic being what an inside of an (unused) oil filter looks like and how it’s constructed. -he had cut open the filters with a tool so the end that screws on was removed. -the two filters were made by Fram (cost $3-$4) and NAPA (cost $6-$7). -it was apparent that the NAPA brand (which has been used by NASCAR) is worth the extra cost, as the element had more filtering capability by the higher number of pleats. -the NAPA filter was also sturdier inside and had a bypass feature.

Past Events

Doug Clark Seth Jones reviewed the 10/21/06 Fall Color Tour that he organized that went up Sheridan Road to Racine, Wis. (and back).
Doug Clark reviewed the Halloween Rally he organized on 10/29/06, pointing out there was bad news and good news about the turnout. -in terms of the former, it was because only three cars showed up, and in terms of the latter, it was because only three cars showed up -he clarified that because of some of his directions for the route, everyone got lost and the rally had to be shortened (akin to a rain-shortened – but official – baseball game) -the winners were Russ & Amy Mehaffey, with John Schroeder & Bob Simon taking 2nd -Barney was voted by the organizer as having worn the best costume.

Upcoming Events

Ann Snyder previewed the plans to gather at “The Rock” in Jackson Park this Thursday (Thanksgiving) in the morning as part of the Club’s tradition of honoring the starting point of the first car race in this country. -she indicated the “Toys for Tots” motorcyclists, together with various & sundry other sports car owners will be there -John Schroeder said that CMGC members who would be interested in driving in a convoy should meet at 8:00 a.m. at the K-Mart parking lot in Willowbrook (the NE corner of Plainfield Rd. & Rte. 83).
David L. Ransom, Jr. reminded everyone that the Holiday Party is Sunday, Dec. 10th at 6:30 p.m. at the Elmcrest Banquet Hall on Grand Ave. in Elmwood Park, with the deadline for the $25 per person payment being 12/1/06.
Next month’s Natter N Noggin will be 12/12/06 at McNally’s in Elmhurst.
Moving on to 2007, Jake Snyder said that the Amtrak trip will be to South Bend, Indiana (to visit the new Studebaker museum) the weekend of 1/19-1/21.
Jim Evans then previewed next year’s All-British Swap Meet (2/25/07). -he distributed sign-up sheets for the needed volunteers – and asked that those who will be helping (for which they get the $5 admittance fee waived) remember the time & place of their assignments, as he won’t be reminding them himself -he pointed out that vendors will again be coming from out of state -Dean Swanson piped up by stating that Burt Levy (The Last Open Road) will probably be there.
Jake said that those interested in making camping reservations for the historic races at Elkhart Lake, Wis. (the third weekend in July) should contact him.

Other Business

Wade Keene gave a “progress report” on the project car and said that sanding and priming the body, together with rebuilding the carburetors and light transmission work will be next.
Jim Evans stated that this was the final chance to nominate officers for the 2007 year and said that a possible difference next year, if the membership votes for it, would be to have a “leadership package” consisting of himself as President, Russ as Co-Chairman, and Reinout Vogt as Treasurer. -he cited the possible need for (and benefit of) this approach as having experienced members guide the Club -he also pointed out that such a structure would make it possible for them to act as mentors to some of the newer members -discussion ensued with the Gonzales’ (Diana & Oscar) and Bill Hedrick, among others, voicing their opinions.
The existing candidates and the nominations for the various positions were: -This troika (or, three-headed monster?) was nominated by Tom Josefek and seconded by Beth Gorr. -Seth Jones who was nominated for President at the last meeting, stood up and explained his “platform” (hinting something “age-related” – could it be he thinks we’re the largest collection of fossils outside the Smithsonian?) -“Cowboy” nominated Dave (“N.S.”) Lieb for President – who promptly declined. -Bob Simon, who was nominated for Treasurer at the last meeting, explained his qualifications as a CPA and his financial background that should allow him to carry out the responsibilities, and distributed a summary of them to those in attendance. -Doug Clark said at the last meeting that he would be willing to continue as Secretary (lack of computer prowess notwithstanding). -Wade nominated Victor L’Heureux for Secretary, explaining that since he has agreed to take over the membership duties – which is part of the Secretary’s job (so why hasn’t the goldbricker in this position now been doing it?) – he would be a good candidate, thus he was seconded by Jim Evans.
Barney will prepare the ballots and Kim Tonry agreed to count them when received.
John Schroeder said that the following staff positions will be open for 2007 – so they need to be filled: -driving events coordinator (with a team or committee to plan the events) -archivist
The following staff reports were given: -“Wilbur” (Library) said two new books received have yet to be reviewed – much less read – and he’ll update the list of the books on the web site with Barney -David L. Ransom, Jr. (Regalia) reviewed the available inventory and said he would distribute 30th Anniversary glasses to members in attendance (and sell “extras” for $6) after the meeting adjourns.
At 9:10 we took a break, during which time Club members socialized and 50/50 raffle tickets were sold.
Then, the 50/50 raffle winners were drawn – they were: -Bill Cole ($27 cash) -Jake Snyder (compression tester)
The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m., and a line formed at the front of the room where David L. Ransom, Jr. gave each member the aforementioned drinking (might anyone fill it with an amber colored liquid?) glass.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

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