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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Election Platform Statement

Jim Evans Reinout Vogt Just about one year ago, Reinout Vogt and I decided to run for office with the intention of addressing a few items of club management, if elected. Well, we were and we did. During the last year, we developed a protocol of procedures for use in recruiting new members and retaining old ones. We instituted a program of “MG Bucks” to encourage club spirit and member participation in driving events. We dealt – very successfully – with an unexpected and abrupt transition in newsletter editors, and established guidelines for timely production of newsletters in the future. We orchestrated the club “project car” effort to a successful completion. We trimmed some old programs from the annual calendar and focused the club on others. Did we invent a lot of new stuff? No, but a long history of participation in the club gave us the perspective to know the changes that were needed based on what worked in the past. After all, MG Bucks, recruiting flyers, project cars and newsletter production were introduced into the club years ago. But we haven’t done everything that we wanted to do, and would request your vote to help us finish our plans with another year in office. This year, the club has an excellent slate of candidates and staff personnel ready to make a good contribution. Your vote, even in an uncontested election, is a vote of confidence in the club’s future. Please mark your ballot and send it in as a sign of your interest in the club. We think you’ll be pleased with our efforts in 2008.

- Jim Evans and Reinout Vogt

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