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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
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From your Co-chairmen
Russ Mehaffey
Russ Meyhaffey's
Right Hand Drive

Well, another year has gone by once again and time to reflect on the past yearís events. Cars are put away for winter hibernation, getting set up for some R&R work, or just temporarily parked until the next daily drive comes about day after tomorrow. And another issue of Driveline is getting compiled...with this article being part of it. This wonít be my last R&R winter but it will be my last article as Vice President (or is that co-chairman?)Öfor this year at least.
My winter work plan continues to develop - modifying parts and assembling the necessary bits and pieces to install the rear seal on my crankshaft. The initial schedule was to be mid-December but it may turn out to be in January. As long as itís done by spring time, right? Stay tuned to the website and email for more notice on this if youíre interested in helping with this project.
Looking back on this past year, we made only a few trips our A but there was enough enjoyment as if there were many trips. We were very fortunate to have beautiful weather (though a little early-morning chill) for the Wisconsin tour. Without having done any major work (except for a generator-to-alternator conversion) the car performed wonderfully. I swear that car knows it is loved and cared for and it shows its appreciation by just wanting to run! Most times youíll find me nearing the end of trip, patting and rubbing the dash and complimenting the car on running so well. This might be some borderline psychotic behavior (borderline, right? I mean Iím not reallyÖIím kidding, right?) but, I wouldnít want to have the car feel neglected and suffer the consequences! Iím rewarded for my strange behavior when the A fires right up to start the next fun-run.
So I hope this finds you all in Good Spirits and enjoying a respite from our eccentric pastime also known as the world of MG. As much as we can delight in the past we need to look forward to what next year brings. My family is planning a reunion that Iím hoping will coincide with a NAMGAR GT in western Pennsylvania (I can only hope my sister plans so well). Seth Jones has done a great job in his rookie year as Driving Events Coordinator and I know heíll keep doing a terrific job. John and Ann are already planning the next Wisconsin trip and Iím sure our expectations will be met.
Elsewhere in this issue is information on electing next yearís Club leadership. Might not be many choices but the quality is there to keep this group running well. Please give them your support.
Amy and I wish you all a Safe and Happy Holiday season. And I lift a pint whilst giving the following toast: ďHereís to a New Year of wet dipsticks and dry garage floors!Ē
Russ Mehaffey

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