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Lands End Rally Report
by Bill Hedrick

Congratulations to Tom Josefek and supporters once again! The Lands End Rally was once again a tremendous success!

The day started out in typical Lands End fashion, a little overcast, but it didn't dampen anyone's spirits. Cars were started every few minutes with Drivers and Navigators being given either "A" series questions or "B" series questions. The first section of questions was the Jeopardy round, with all questions having to be answered in the form of a question. Two of the entrants, the Tonry's and Hedrick/Cantrall even went so far as to fill in our names at the top of the page in the form of a question. Hey, don't knock it, it was worth an additional quarter point! The second section of questions was more of the standard format.

The route was fantastic. Tom took us on a very scenic route through Northern Illinois and up into Wisconsin to Kurt Kline's farm near Brownsville for hot dogs and hamburgers. Many thanks to Kurt and his family for their most generous hospitality.

The rest of the route to Dodgeville was gorgeous with nothing but beautiful Wisconsin scenery and narrow, twisty MG roads most of the way. A lot of folks reported seeing wild turkeys, fox and deer along the route. Bill Cantrall and I were reminded that in Wisconsin, cows have the right of way. Bill and I were driving very slowly along one of the few marked two lane roads on this portion of the route when we were stopped by, not one or two, but at least 50 very large black and white cows crossing the road. Sitting very low in a very small Midget looking up at so many of these enormous animals as they look down at this tiny red interloper was quite an experience. Each one of these cows had to weigh more than my car. Thank goodness they were friendly. We finished up the rally in Dodgeville just in time to sit down to a very nice buffet style dinner and awards ceremony.

The following day Tom had organized a group to go to House on the Rock. It seems that every chance I get to visit this attraction I pass to do something else . And I always hear how interesting it is afterwards and kick myself for missing it again. One of these days I'll make it. Bill and I decided instead to back road it to Blackhawk race track to see our favorite newsletter editor, Kelvin Palmer, drive his race car around the track. Unfortunately, the Bulls were playing that evening, so we didn't get to actually see Kelvin drive. But we did get to watch a couple of races so our visit to the track wasn't a total loss. Kelvin, let me know when the Festival of Speed is so I can come watch.

Congratulations again, Tom and everyone who helped make this Lands End an event to remember!

The results of the Land's End Rally were:
  1. Bill Hedrick/Bill Cantrall
  2. Mike Hirsh/Ellen Hirsch
  3. Kim Tonry/Diane Tonry
  4. Curt Bork/Taylor
  5. Debbie Bork/Summer
  6. Dave Mullis/Carol Mullis
  7. Mike Olson/Richard Klein
  8. Larry Czachor/Adam
  9. Dan Zurowski/Kathy Barry
  10. Scott Dean/Lee
  11. Walt Wiborg/Nancy Wiborg
  12. J. Trowbridge/B.McCutcheon
  13. Larry Wysucki/Eleaine
  14. Dave Tucker/Bud Yeager
  15. Jim Michel/Denise Michel
  16. Oscar Gonzales/Diana Gonzales
  17. Larry Daniels/Mary Hanson
  18. Steve Selan/Jeremy
  19. Athanasios Damis/Maria
  20. Jack Feldman/Janet
  21. Tom Dyer/Shontsine
  22. Don Zbylut/Anetta

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