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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Driver's Corner
Wade Keene, Driving Events Coordinator

Wade Keene Well, we had our annual planning meeting earlier this month and got things pretty much squared away for the year. There are a few changes from past years, all dictated by the members' apparent changing tastes in driving events, as evidenced by looking at recent years' participation levels and from what we worked out at the meeting. We'll be having more tours and fewer rallies. We have routinely been getting 20+ cars for the two tours we've traditionally held, but only getting 4-10 cars for the 4-5 rallies we've held. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see the trend, and many more people are eager to set up a tour than a rally.

We will host four autocrosses this season, plus the Healey club will be putting one on in June, so that will leave us about the same in that respect compared to last year. As of now, they will be held at the Cantera Movie Theatre lot that we've been at for some time. We are checking on possible better locations, but there are several things to keep in mind relative to better autocross driving locations. The theater lot costs the club nothing, it's close and centrally located (for comparison, the Miata club had events in DeKalb and South Bend - how far do you wanna drive??); participation levels are low; two years ago we secured an excellent lot in Joliet that was very reasonably priced and participation was abysmal. As far as I am concerned, if people want a better location I would need some real indication that our efforts would pay off better than they have in the past.

Another thing regarding the upcoming season will be the anticipated increase in participation with other British car clubs in the area. The Triumph club, Healey club, and others have all been invited to join us for our events, as we have been invited to join them. More than MGs came out of the Abingdon works, and it can be fun to have more variety with us on the road.

Keep the shiny side up, Wade

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