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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
10th Annual
Missouri Endurance Rally

March 19-20, 2005 - St Louis, MO

John Schroeder Jordan and I have just completed the 10th Annual Missouri Endurance Rally. What a blast. Wade Keene and his father joined us in St Louis. We had twelve stops around southern Missouri and twenty-four hours to drive to them all. Robert Rushing has a real talent for finding fun roads and interesting places to stop. It took us about four hours and fifty miles longer this year than last. There is a real thrill to putting your car and yourself to the test and coming out on top.

Just three days before we were to leave, I was having doubts about whether we would make it or not. I had read in preparation for reversing the cars polarity that often the points would stick closed shortly after making the change. I changed the points and condenser in the distributor, but thought my year and a half old fuel pump could handle the change. I was wrong. The pump died in the driveway just a week before we were to leave. I called Moss and had a new solid state pump shipped to me. I finally got it working only to find the fuel gauge was no longer functioning. I decided a little thing like that wasn t going to make me miss driving all night in the middle Ozarks. We spent the trip writing our mileage on each gas receipt and stopping about one hundred fifty miles later. After we left one of the stops and drove some gravel (read ROUGH) roads the gauge sprang back into action for about eight hours before dying again. I am going to have to find a loose connection or bad wire.

Chicago teams
Chicago Teams
Road to Paddy Creek
On the way to Paddy Creek

I finished putting a modern radio/CD player in the car. I used two three and one half inch speakers behind the Octagon and the sound was excellent. This was my bribe to Jordan to get him to drive with me. He said he couldn t take talking to me for twenty plus hours again! Imagine.

Our favorite stop was Alley Springs, Mo. There is a natural spring that produces over 8 million gallons of crystal clear water every day. There was a community there until the early twentieth century and the grist mill and school house have been restored. There are also some major canoe rivers around there if the number of liveries is any indication. It would be a nice weekend getaway if you are heading to southern Missouri.

Chicago teams
The Alley Spring Grist Mill
Road to Paddy Creek
Clearwater Lake and Dam

The southern most stop was a concrete arch on Highway 61 at the Arkansas/Missouri border. From there we worked our way north through 5 more check points to our starting point in St. Louis.

This was a great way to jump start the driving season. The car is ready to go and I am thirsty for our next outing, the CMGC Spring Tour.

More photos and notes at:

Official Results of the 2005 Missouri Endurance Rally
Team #    Names                        Final Acutal Mileage   Place
Team 1    Creig Houghtaling / Phyllis Wilson    DNF - Time	
Team 2    Cameron Butz / Brian Viezbicke        817.13454        9
Team 3    John & Jordan Schroeder               785.61286        3
Team 4    Bob & Pat Brown                       804.24741        6
Team 5    Rich Griffin / Ranney Dohogne         792.07963        5
Team 6    Brian Rehg / Matt Kobe                DNF - Accident
Team 7    Adrian & Sally van Osch               DNF - Ticket
Team 8    Mark J. Michalak & Mark Z. Michalak   806.12379        7
Team 9    Nate Runyan / Ross Kaplan             778.3956         2
Team 10   Bill Fox / Gary Hayes                 789.8            4
Team 11   Mark Shetley / Dave Bash              754.50129        1
Team 12   Dennis Scanlan & Adam Scanlan         809.34604        8
Team 13   Rick Ingram / Rick Verhey             838.26047       11
Team 14   Patrick Hughes / Raymond Maxwell      DNF - Time
Team 15   Will Blankenship / Alden Manipula     828.94357       10
Team 16   Wade Keene & Kurt Keene               DNF - Time
Team 17   Sean Duffy / Alison Fea               DNF - Time

Team#     Mini-Endurance Names         Final Acutal Mileage   Place
Team M1   Bruce & Henry Hamper                  449.34094        1
Team M2   Bob McElwee / Dave Plotky             No Show
Team M3   Bob Smith / Ken Biermann              483.09671        8
Team M4   Jack & Bonnie David                   510.0653        10
Team M5   Stefanie Barnes / Abby Washburn       510.97865       11
Team M6   Mike Schickler / Peter Chuoy          471.53559        5
Team M7   Bob Horzmann / Tim Horzmann           481.75386        7
Team M8   Walt Murphy / Bob Bentzinger          481.15572        6
Team M9   Bob & Bobby Ash                       469.97793        4
Team M10  Jonathan Clayes / David Clayes        487.08964        9
Team M11  Jim Clark                             468.12372        3
Team M12  Gay Wilkinson / Mark Bollinger        466.99758        2

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