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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
June 20, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m. by John Schroeder. In attendance were 35 people, which included one new member (Fred Hoyne of Elmhurst - ’77 B) and two guests (Rich Willis of Clarendon Hills - ’74 Midget & Nathaniel Jones, brother of member Seth, of Evanston).
Jim Evans said that he has a ’77 B as a parts car and asked that anyone interested in parts contact him. (He said he also went to a “muscle car” swap meet and found someone with MG parts.)

Past Events

Doug Clark Dean Swanson attended the 5/27-5/29 Champagne Car Festival and provided a brief recap of the event.
-his impression was that attendance was lower this year, with a fewer number of cars
-he said no T series cars were entered in the show
“Cowboy” reported on a successful tech session (held on Memorial Day Monday) where a new convertible top was installed on his car.
Doug Clark mentioned that he attended the 6/4 Lake Shore Drive “Kruze”, where he saw two members from the VMGCC drive their TDs and Dave Ransom driving his MGB. (Dave said it was a lot of fun and hoped it would be held again next year.)
Doug also gave a brief report on the AHCA autocross that was held the next day in Warrenville. Representing the Club were Russ Mehaffey & his son in Russ’s A, Don Anderson in his B, and Doug in his TF. Most of the cars, as would be expected were Austin Healeys - Sprites and “Big” Healeys. The winning car (and the only one to break the 30 second time on the tight course) was a Lotus Seven [on race tires].
Maynard Hirsch reported on the 6/11 Algonquin Hill Climb and car show and noted that Reinout Vogt was featured in a photograph in the local paper driving his ’31 MG (which will be included in the Club’s archives).
Tom Josefek said that about ten cars drove on the 6/11 Lands End Rally that he organized, with 15 cars at the picnic afterwards at Curt Bork’s place in DeKalb County
- to which Mike Hirsch gave compliments to Tom.
Ann Snyder provided a summary of the 6/18-19 Blackhawk race weekend (with an anecdote about “Cowboy”) and put in a plug for needed workers at these events - to which “Cowboy” agreed.

Upcoming Events

John reminded everyone of the 6/26 autocross in Warrenville.
John said “British Car Night” in Barrington is 6/30.
Doug reminded everyone that a GOF Central will be held at the Indian Lakes esort from 7/6-7/9. All models of MGs are welcome. More information, including that for registration, is available on the VMGCC web site
John said that three cars (Schroeder, Gonzales, Goebbert) will be making the trip to Washington state for the NAMGBR convention (7/6-7/10) and that Jack Feldman will meet them there.
John also mentioned (he did so much of the talking because our other Co-Chairman, Wade, wasn’t there) the 7/10 Vintage Wheels and Wings Show organized by the British Boots N’ Bonnets (flyers & registration forms were brought to the meeting).
Jake Snyder said that camping spaces are still available for the 7/15/-7/17 Historic Race weekend at Elkhart Lake.
John said next month’s autocross at Warrenville will be on 7/24.
The University Motors Summer Party will be held 8/18-8/21 - Doug pointed out the featured model will be the B GT.
John said the next rally (“Larry’s Revenge Rally”) will be on 8/21.
“Cowboy” said that at the next meeting he will start the sign-up process for the volunteers at this year’s (9/11) British Car Festival, and mentioned that the host (Moraine Valley Community College) has made some changes to their parking lots.
John said the Wisconsin Wine & Cheese Tour will be held the weekend of 9/17-9/18, with details (incl. a possible performance of MacBeth) to follow.
Bob Schultz provided a brief update on the Abingdon Weekend. It will be 10/7-10/9 in conjunction with the area’s Color Tour. 30 hotel rooms have been reserved. Pre-registration information will be put on the Club’s web site
John said that an all-MG convention in 2006 will be held in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee (great driving roads!).
Members are urged to check the Club web site for further details and/or updates to any upcoming CMGC or LBC related events.

Other Business

John said that the family of Pam Cunningham sent a card to the Club thanking the Club for the many expressions of sympathy and support on her passing.
Jim Evans reminded everyone of the availability of large tools that can be used (and that the rental locker in now larger).
Dave Lieb, Librarian, who, no doubt, is enjoying true “NS” (no socks) weather, announced the recent additions of a Lucas Fault Diagnosis Service Manual (what - Lucas & fault mentioned in the same breath? We blaspheme!) and an MGA DVD (which Barney got dibs on).
David L. Ransom, Jr. gave a regalia update. We have enough requests for name badges to fill an order for them. He’s still inquiring on obtaining grille badges. He printed large MG history posters (from one he obtained at the 2004 British Car Union Festival) - for the members, to which he received a hearty round of applause
John’s final announcement was that there was bidding on the Internet for a Lucas Wiring Harness Smoke Replacement Kit (new old stock).

At 8:50 the business portion of the meeting concluded, and during the ensuing break 50/50 raffle tickets were sold - with the winner being Jack Thomas ($27).
The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

©2005 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.