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The Steering Column

by Maynard Hirsch

By the time you read this, some of you have already driven in events, The Utica Autocross school, Spring Chicken Rally, and the Utica Autocross. Hopefully, you checked your car out at the Spring Tune-Up Party. This should be the best driving season ever.

However, please don't limit your driving to just club events. Enjoy the season. Drive to stores, restaurants, even work. We all know our cars are both reliable and economical. Also, great fun to drive.

I am very pleased with the ongoing enthusiasm that members have expressed in our club schedule, and would like to thank all the members that have shared their time and ideas. I would like to encourage anyone who has an idea for the club to contact one of the officers. Please remember, this year's schedule is fairly heavy, and while it is still not impossible to add to it, it is most likely that any new ideas won't be able to be used until next year.

Safety Fast,

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