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Abingdon's Year 2000 Summer Picnic

by Dave Bralich

We held our first committee meeting on Monday July 26. During this meeting a lot of discussions around "What format the event should be?". Jim Evens had made a cross referenced listing between Abingdon vs. UMs Summer Party. We took each topic and decided how we would either keep it the same, eliminate it, or modify it to fit the new venue. As an example Abingdon starts Friday night and ends early Sunday morning, while the summer party started Thursday night and ended Sunday afternoon. We have tentatively set the time table for a starting time of Friday afternoon (with the endurance rally starting Thursday and ending mid afternoon Friday) and then ending with a picnic breakfast Sunday morning.

We covered a total of 11 major areas of differences between the two events. Even though we have not set in stone the overall format and details of the event I feel that for a first meeting a lot was accomplished. I will be the spokesperson for this event during the next upcoming months and will try to pass on the information in more/better detail at the next meeting and Driveline. I feel very strongly that the event will be a very positive and enjoyable experience for not only the CMGC but all MG enthusiasts within the Mid-west.

During the next couple of months we will be looking for volunteers to help with the 6 sub-committees that we have identified as areas of further work/research. If you wish to help, give a suggestion, or comment please feel free to contact any one (or all three) of us: Dave Bralich, Jim Evans, or Reinout Vogt.

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