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You Often Regret the Things You Didn't Do More than the Things You Did!

The 1999 UML Grand Lake Tour

Put Some High Adventure in Your Life: Enter the Marathon Rally at UML's Summer Party August 19th & 20th!

You don't own a sailboat, so the Chicago to Mackinaw race sailed without you. And the bulls in Pamplona ran to the ring without seeing your rolled up newspaper. Life's been a little boring sitting in front of the television, watching other people experience life.

Well, you were planning on taking a few vacation days to go to the University Motor's Summer Party weren't you? Well there you have it. A perfect chance to experience high adventure. High adventure that's as close as Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Just enter the Marathon Rally. You'll do a lap around Lake Michigan in about 22 hours and 1,000 miles.

This could be your last chance to run this rally since John Twist has said this will be the last Summer Party he puts on.

You have no excuses. I'm a 50 something diabetic with a bad back and have run 4 of these with no problems. Oh sure there was that washed out road that forced us to drive through a farmer's field and the "shovel incident" and the frogs in Wisconsin, but those are the things that make it such an adventure.

What you'll need: Good maps of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin, a flashlight or two, (good lights on your MG won't hurt either), clip board, pencil and paper, maybe a calculator, and lots of coffee or No-Doz. Things you'd take on any rally.

We'll give you 6 to 10 checkpoints in the states above and you'll have to make them in the SHORTEST DISTANCE and get back to Grand Rapids.

You'll also need a valid driver's license for each person in the car and proof of insurance on the car you're taking.

Meet in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel a little before noon on Thursday, August 19, 1999 to register. We'll have a quick drivers meeting and an odometer check and you'll be off on your great adventure.

Worried about the reliability of your MG? Travel with friends. There will also be a team award for groups of 3 or more cars running as a team. Bonus points may also be awarded for creative team names. Or, maybe not.

For more information call me, Ed Fleming at 248.349.3799 (eves). or leave a message on my pager at 810.617.1273.

(Editor's note: Locally, you can contact Don Anderson for more info at 630.964.6101.)

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