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A Weekend of Wonder - W.O.W.!

by Scott Fohrman

For those of you who were unable to attend this past weekend's Chicago Historic Races at Elkhart Lake, it was hot, rainy and filled with some pretty good racing. I can personally vouch for the hot and wet parts, but I was not able to see much racing, as I was trying to race myself.

At first, I had planned just to go up Saturday with the family and see the sights. The show is great - lots of exotic cars with friendly owners who love to talk about their toys, great bratwurst - and flush toilets! Besides, the chance to be with the family...

Then we got the puppy. Of course, no one at home noticed when I slunk off to the track alone.

Unfortunately, I had no hotel, no registration, no place to paddock, no idea of who else was going. Foolish me-everybody I race with BUT me was going! The BRIC (Brian Redman International Challenge) is one of, if not the biggest, vintage races in the country. This year there were over 440 entrants! Cars ranged from Jean Alesi's F1 Ferrari , big block Corvettes and Cobras, NASCAR racers, Can-Am prototypes, and my group, the largest group of the weekend, small bore production based sports cars prior to 1963 (OK- my MGB is a 1964, but what's the difference between a '63 or a '64?)

Judy Cull of the Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association (which is vintage, the cars or the Drivers?) saw my late entry and mentioned that she had an extra room in Plymouth, maybe 5 miles from the track. That sure beat the reservation I had for Oshkosh - wonderful way to start the weekend.

M.L. Hillard, chief instructor, MG club member, and bon vivant let me paddock with his British Race Group. This act of kindness is typical of vintage racing, in contrast to regular class racing; everybody is friendly and helpful. Racers often share parts and expertise to help each other make the races and improve their performance. The group M.L. put together couldn't have been nicer to me. I was all set to race.

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