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August 1999 Driveline

The Natter 'n' Noggin is held the second Tuesday of each month at MACK'S GOLDEN PHEASANT, located just West of Route 83 on Route 64 (North Avenue) in Elmhurst. The talking, eating and drinking starts about 7:30 p.m. Come and stay as long as you can.

The Monthly Club Meeting is held on the third Monday of each month. The meetings are from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. The meetings are held at MACK'S GOLDEN PHEASANT.


President Maynard Hirsch 847-658-2364
Vice President Diana Gonzales 708-425-6288
Secretary Steven Selan 847-673-8335
Treasurer Sharon Anderson 630-964-6101
Driveline Kelvin Palmer 847-945-8915
Regalia Curt Bork 815-522-6145
Library David Bralich 630-289-7915
Tool Master Jim Evans 630-858-8192
Rally Master Reinout Vogt 847-342-9804
Archivists Bill & Deb Mennell 630-393-1514
Web Designer Scott Anderson 773-227-1286

The Club welcomes all MG enthusiasts to call on its gatherings. Please call any person listed above for more information.

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