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The Steering Column

by Maynard Hirsch

While looking for some sunburn treatment for the top of my head, I was wondering if it was all worth it. The last couple of weeks have been very bright, sunny and hot, and I haven't found a hat that will stay on my head at highway speeds.

After thinking about it, the answer was a resounding YES! Where else can you have so much fun at so little cost? A properly maintained MG is a very reliable, low cost, high fun machine. Yes, we may joke about the reliability, but all things equal, I see more vehicles in my shop with expensive problems that leave the drive stranded that would never happen with an MG. We don't have to worry about computer problems, fuel injection problems or ABS problems. Just look at the record of MGs in the endurance rallies.

There is something about driving an attractive, well handling car that appeals to me. I don't know if it's the melding of man and machine, the envious looks of other drivers, the feeling of freedom on the open road, or (and I'm just guessing here) the feel of air blowing through one's hair, but there is something.

Safety Fast,

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