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The Steering Column

by Diana Gonzales, Club Vice-President

I would like to thank all of you who took the time to vote and send in your ballots. As stated in the last minutes I creeped past my co-partner with a few more votes, must be the hair. All kidding aside, thank you for your warm support. However, at this time, I feel that for the good of the club, continuity is best. Thus, the board will remain the same for 1999. Now on to the start of a new season.

As I write this, Oscar & I have just returned from a trip to St. Louis attended by 4 other couples. Our fearless leaders, Jake & Ann Snyder did a wonderful job of organizing this winter outing. Before leaving St. Louis they were already planning next year's event and hopefully more of you will plan on joining us. Believe me, you are missing an enjoyable weekend if you don't.

We have a fun packed year ahead of us. For starters, the awards banquet is on February 7, 1999. We hope many of you will be able to attend. It promises to be a happy evening with good food, good drinks, many awards being presented and most of all, friends gathering to reminisce over the events of the past year and making plans for the coming season.

With the driving season soon upon us I'm sure all of you men & some of us gals, will be spending lots of time in our garages preparing our cars for the many driving events which are being planned as we read. I, for one, will be making many trips to the garage with trays of nourishment and words of encouragement for Oscar as he overhauls "RLB" for that long, long trip to Vancouver. This trip sure will put a test on our marital bliss.

But closer to home we have many short distance driving events planned for you. Please check the events schedule and start planning your calendar. Remember, your participation is needed to make these events a success. Let's not discourage the folks who spend countless hours and sometimes days planning these outings.

Also, the British Car Swap Meet & Auto Jumble is on Feb. 28th, 1999. Our club benefits from this event so please support it by helping and/or attending.

We have many things to do, many places to go, BUT PLEASE, let's do it with SAFETY in mind!

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