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1999 Vintage Racing Events to Attend

by Scott Fohrman

The great joy in owning a British sports car is driving it. It feels alive and driving it makes you feel alive. And there's that great heritage we share and the joy of sharing it with others (it is a comfort to know there are other lunatics who feel as you do!) What better way to enjoy your automotive passion than to drive your car to the vintage races. I have been vintage racing a 1964 MGB for going on seven years now. I have gained tremendous pleasure from belonging to two organizations that put on great events. They have a wonderfully open membership that owns astounding cars and they like to drive the snot out of them.

As a teen, I loved these cars and went to the races as a spectator. In those days, you might occasionally get into the paddock, and maybe someone would even talk to you. The variety of cars was limited but the competition was good.

Today, vintage races are held virtually every weekend day from mid-April thru mid-October, at four very different racetracks, all no farther than a pleasant three-hour drive. The variety of cars you'll see is far greater than in the old days, the paddocks are usually open to spectators and you can't shut the owners up about their cars! At some events, you can even participate by working corners or in timing and scoring. If you help out, often there is free admission, free lunches and sometimes free rides in the race cars during touring session!

And usually, there is a beautiful drive to and from the track down empty country roads. Think of it: a driving adventure on the way to a life adventure, where you will meet like-minded people (who will probably admire your car), lots of great race cars, the smell of burning Castrol --doesn't that sound about right?

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