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Wave to Dave!

Hi Club Members,

We haven't been around much lately. Not ignoring you, but busy. Like trying to fill a 5 gallon hole with 6 gallons of you know what! The past year I've completed a drivetrain swap from a 69 Pontiac to a 65 Pontiac (kid's car). Engine swap in a Dodge conv. (my car).

I work for the U.P. Railroad (old CNW) and in my travels I see all kinds of MGs close to the tracks. Are they club members? A list of the cars and where:

On the Kenosha route out of Chicago:
By Rosehill cemetery: Chrome bumper B - blue with primer
Main St.: Rubber bumper B - orange (daily driver)
Wilmette: Assorted Bs - orange, blue, yellow
Glencoe: Nice LE Highland Park: Early B - gold with the hood down, left out in rain.
Lake Forest: Nice LE by photo shop, nice blue B, faded blue B.
Lake Bluff: BGT - yellow with yellow wires.

I've seen Jake and Ann Snyder driving home from Twist's, up the Dan Ryan. I whistled like hell to get their attention. I waved at Stan Zolna standing at the platform in Lake Forest. His first thought must have been "who¹s this nut hanging out of the locomotive waving?". I've had Ann and Jake ride my train a few times. All trusting souls, they have watched me drive at Utica.

On the Harvard route out of Chicago, not too many close to the city:
Mount Prospect: MGB - green
Arlington Heights: MGB - blue, LE - black
Barrington: Chrome bumper B with fog lamps
Fox River Grove on Rt.14, south of river: Midget - red
Fox River Grove on Rt.14, north of river: Rubber bumper Midget
Crystal Lake: MGB - burgundy
Harvard (3 miles south): Restorable B next to barn. (Larry & Marsha, is that you?)

I've met Reinout downtown. After the Lucas Night Rally (Sue and I didn't keep you out too late this time) on Sunday I was getting ready to leave north when a train pulled in next to me. Roger and Shirley looked out the window I was pounding on and waived. Hope the Bears won.

With 25 years seniority I've gotten bumped off my passenger job that worked Sundays. Went back out to freight. Goofy hours, but more free time. We hope to attend more functions in 99. We miss the group.

Safety Fast, Dave & Susie Tucker

©1999 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.